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Comment VideoCrypt (Score 1) 49

As always, it wasn't the crypto which was broken -- just the lousy method it was applied.

Where on earth did the information to back up this difficult-to-parse statement come from? The video was encoded with VideoCrypt. VideoCrypt, which was released in 1989, has a number of ways that it can be attacked. Including brute force, which was used here in the form of the Antisky app (from 1994).

Comment Disable flash on the OS level (Score 1) 102

Yet another example of why Flash should be uninstalled at the OS level. For example, on Windows this means removing the Flash ActiveX control. If you ever encounter a web page that needs Flash (they're becoming less and less common), just open it in Chrome, which you have configured to use Flash as click-to play.

Comment Voice recognition? (Score 1) 49

OK, this is the sort of question that could be answered by RTFA, however when it's a 40-minute long video, I don't feel as bad.

When configuring Siri for voice activation, you go through some steps that give the impression that it's tuning the activation for your specific pattern of speech. Which presumably is to prevent false activation when somebody next to you is using the feature on their phone.

Assuming this is actually happening, would that prevent this sort of attack?

Comment This article is ridiculous (Score 3, Interesting) 279

Phones are different than computers, yet people still try to apply the computer mentality to it. You don't just buy a smartphone and sit back and use it until it breaks. Unlike Windows XP, your smartphone OS has a very limited window in which it will receive security and other software updates. For iPhones, it seems to be a few years. For Android, it is worse and generally always less than two years. For some of the discount Android phones on discount carriers, the phone may have been abandoned before you even made the purchase!

In what world do you buy a smartphone and use it for the rest of your life? An upgrade plan that includes Apple Care "bad for most"? Hint to the author: You can't extrapolate your personal opinion to apply to the rest of the world.

Comment Re:Know Thy DNS IP's! (Score 4, Informative) 31

Yeah, that helps for sure. The other option is to see if there's a 3rd-party firmware for the router. The firmwares that come with home equipment out of the box are often pretty poor. And are often abandoned after they are shipped. However, something like dd-wrt / openwrt / tomato is likely to be better supported.

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