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Comment: That company has problems (Score 1) 1002

by WATist (#36148356) Attached to: Do Developers Really Need a Second Monitor?
If you RTFA you will know that this company is showing signs of going down hill. Within the context of what TFA said(and admittedly some assumptions by me) I would be looking at a exit strategies rather than complaining about losing my monitor. There are some situations where TFA's facts made sense but even then the company would be recovering from mismanagement or things are looking bad for that management group.

Comment: Re:Open Source Hardware is "way too expensive" (Score 1) 231

by WATist (#35874424) Attached to: Can Open Source Hardware Feed the World?
Your Open graphics project was in a rapidly changing field and dependent on IC fabricators who want and are geared toward large batches. Most of the machinery they want to make is established technology and they are attempting to use only generic materials to make these machines.

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