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+ - Ancient Hoard of Anglo-Saxon Treasure Discovered->

Submitted by
VorlonFog writes "The Associated Press and others are reporting today the discovery of approximately 1500 gold and silver bejeweled artifacts dated to 675-725 AD in a farm field near Staffordshire, England. Images of the artifacts are available on Flickr. Amateur treasure hunter Terry Herbert found the gold on a friend's farm on July 5 and spent the next five days scouring the field for the rest of the hoard. Herbert recovered the first items before professional archaeologists took over the excavation. "Imagine you're at home and somebody keeps putting money through your letterbox, that was what it was like," Herbert said. "I was going to bed and in my sleep I was seeing gold items.""
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+ - Sprint Blackberry Tethering Cut Off-> 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "For several years now, owners of PDA phones, particularly Blackberry owners, have been able to tether their phones to their laptops for Internet service. We are cut off. There appears to be an application to overcome this called Tetherberry, but the annoying thing is it worked for years. I bought my BB Curve and got Sprint service recently at a corporate store and was assured by the sales person that tethering was part of my Everything Data plan. Guess I got lied to. Let's see, bleeding customers so let's anger some more. Customer loyalty starts with being loyal to customers!"
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+ - Senators against Net Neutrality-> 3

Submitted by
opencity writes "Led by Texas Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison a group of Senators have introduced a bill to prevent the FCC from getting funding for any initiative to uphold Net neutrality. This is after FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski stated the Obama administrations plan to enforce Net neutrality."
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+ - Fibre optic interface could replace USB-> 1

Submitted by
darien writes "Intel demonstrated its new "Light Peak" optical interconnect at the second day of IDF in San Francisco. The interface can carry any type of data, and the controller supports a transfer rate of 10 gigabits per second — though since it's based on light the potential for future upgrades is practically infinite. Silicon is promised for next year, though adoption is expected to be slow."
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+ - French court validates GPL user rights to get the ->

Submitted by
guerby writes "In a landmark ruling that will set legal precedent, the Paris Court of Appeals decided last week that the company Edu4 violated the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) when it distributed binary copies of the remote desktop access software VNC but denied users access to its corresponding source code. [...] "But what makes this ruling unique is the fact that the suit was filed by a user of the software, instead of a copyright holder. It's a commonly held belief that only the copyright holder of a work can enforce the license's terms — but that's not true in France. People who received software under the GNU GPL can also request compliance, since the license grants them rights from the authors.""
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