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Comment Why Change? (Score 2) 595 595

I have Gig Fiber coming into my research lab with a /24 subnet of IPv4. We assigned about 100 IP's right off the bat (mostly tunnels to other labs and remote access for outside researchers), we added another 12 or so this last year for new people/projects. So with 140 (give or take) IPv4 IP's left, why would I bother changing to IPv6.

IPv6 adds NO additional useful features to our network, none. Yet would add some expense in switching over (our firewalls are PFSense, so they're ready for IPv6 if there's ever a need to switch over). We have about 90 workstations, 10 servers, and three 384 core clusters, all just chunking away on their 10.0.x.x networks.

It will be decades before IPv4 traffic can't communicate with IPv6 networks, and if you want to run your networks on IPv6 then it's up to you and your service provides to bridge to IPv4 if you want to communicate with my systems.

So, until there's a REAL reason (read, worth the expense and time and training) to change over, I don't see it happening. Worse case, if we get a client that's valuable enough and they're on IPv6 only, we'll setup a bridge ourselves just for that client (but it hasn't happened yet).

Comment Re:Is It Worth Getting a New Job Over? (Score 3, Interesting) 420 420

Yes - I've turned down two solid offers in 2014 (both with a minor 10%ish package increase but more interesting research, at least more interesting to me) because the position did NOT come with dedicated office space. I agreed to do a followup interview and stated in no uncertain terms the entire reason for me refusing the offer was the open layout of their lab. The 30-something HR person looked at me like I had just grown two heads. Depending on your career level and path, your mileage may vary.

Comment Maybe (Score 1) 312 312

Maybe you just need to get a grip.

It's not your toys, it's not your electronics, it's not your friends, it's not your classes, it's not the radio/mp3/tv around you, it's not the 21st century - IT'S YOU.

Learn self discipline and control what and when and how you do things.

It's not that hard - people have been doing it successfully for centuries, until the fad to blame everyone and everything else for your own shortcomings became the norm.

In the old days (i.e. pre-90's) your parents would have taught you this, unfortunately now days your parents consider you to be a precious snowflake and didn't teach you squat, so you're on your own.

Comment Meh (Score 0) 142 142

So robots are the solution to not having a pair and being able to fire upon any intrusion on a soft perimeter?

Just like a embassy, let the world know that we consider a 50 meter perimeter around ANY US vessel to be American soil and will act as needed (including weapons fire) to protect that perimeter.

There - problem solved. If the Cole (and it's Pentagon masters) would have had a pair back in the day, that cluster f**k wouldn't have happened. But hey, soon as a few more billions are spent, we'll have a fleet of rubber robot boats to yell mean things at people trying to damage our fleets.

Comment Why bother? (Score 0) 213 213

So what exactly do you have to hide?

Just kidding (more or less) but really, what difference does it make. If NSA (or any other powers that be) wants to "get you", does it matter if they have "real data" they sniffed from one of your digital systems or not? If they truly want to arrest/harass/make you disappear whether they have real data or fudged data is rather moot.

So why worry? Either you're below their radar, and they can collect or not your precious data, or you're a target, in which case no matter what you do/hide/avoid won't help you in the long run.

Privacy went out the door along with all those AOL CD's - what's amazing is that people are just starting to notice (or care).

Comment Bullshit (Score 1) 361 361

With OpenOffice (and LibreOffice) even the most minor of updates REQUIRES a full download.

Apparently writing a simple update API is beyond the scope of the project (or skill set of the programmers - take your pick).

So assuming that each download is a NEW user (and therefore counts as if they were buying a commercial office suite) is complete bullshit.

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