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Comment Re:It's the 80s all over again (Score 1) 123

Interesting to take the green example. Over here in Flanders the founding father of the Green party lamented more than a decade ago that his movement has been hijacked by extreme left activists to push their red agenda under the green flag. This week I read an article about the consolidated international pirate party. Mixed with the free copying issue, which I would support, there were all sorts of neomarxist, anticapitalist and drug legalization agenda points. These varied from the mandatory left mantra of "open borders" and "free unemployment handouts, no work ethic required", even going as far as "legalize incest" . Unfortunately, now they have left me no other option than to strongly oppose them, not because of the original founding ideal, but because of the unsavory red star package deal they have gotten themselves into. To put in to torrent terminology, there's some nasty left-wing spyware hitching along with the installer. Sad, really.

Comment Theon (Score 1) 397

Quite right. The real God particle should be called Theon.
And it will be the only hypothesized particle with two hypothesized antiparticles: the atheon and the Saton. Now there's a triplet to try and collide!

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