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Comment Re:What's the most coins anyone has collected? (Score 2) 40

From Gandalfx perfectly succinct explanation in the xkcd forums: "In the source is a literal array of the coins' coordinates right at the start. You can just copy paste that array into the js console and add .length to make it spit out the array's length."

Personally, I still gotta catch 'em all. ;-)

Comment Warning: Don't play using Safari... (Score 4, Informative) 40

... the game becomes "unwinnable" because there are certain places you should be able to pass through (like the dialog texts), but Safari turns them into hard surfaces, making it impossible to reach some coins. The problem is that the game gives no previous warning and seems to work ok... until it becomes an exercise in frustration. Firefox works perfectly, other browsers should work ok too.

Comment These emoji selections are so random! (Score 1) 264

At least they should try to come with "thematically complete" sets!
We already got a burger emoji and fries emoji... where is the soda emoji? Instead they give us redundant single/double beers emojis.
We also got a bike emoji and surf emoji, but no skate emoji. Instead you have redundant snowboard and an ski-set emojis.
Some things that usually go together are sorely missing... some other are complete bonkers.

Comment Oh sweet sweet revenge! (Score 4, Funny) 90

After years of "this [game/service/promotion] is not available for your country" trying to listen to Pandora, to watch Hulu and to download some Xbox Live games, now it's my turn to be delighted seeing this crushing bitterness bite your souls, dear Americans! Who needs Full HD videos and customised Internet Radio when I can call my grandma for FREE? I love you Bing!

Submission + - Ubuntu Edge Now Most-Backed Crowdfunding Campaign Ever

Volanin writes: After nearly a month of its assumed happening, Ubuntu Edge has now passed the $10.2 million mark, thus making it the most pledged-to crowd-funder in history. While the Ubuntu Edge campaign is to be commended for reaching such a mammoth milestone as this, it can’t quite claim ultimate victory yet, since it's just short of making one-third of its $32 million goal with a little less than a week left. Can they do it?

Comment Re:As Linus Said...... (Score 1) 169

Have you really read to the end of the article?
Copied verbatim from Final Thoughts:

"When I started this experiment, I was expecting that it would be an interesting foray and that I’d most likely end up switching back to KDE when it was all over. I’m no longer certain that I will be doing that."

What I felt from the article is that Gnome Classic, although still rough, is definitely going in the right direction. The author even commited to keep using it, at least until next week's Red hat Summit!

I must be honest.
Gnome used to be my preferred DE.
And reading this has raised my hopes for it again!

Comment Re:Join the party (Score 4, Insightful) 815

I have a Macbook. It runs Linux exclusively. People might have diverging opinions about the price, but very few question that it's a very well engineered machine. Have you tried looking at their screens to see what OS they were running?

By the way, 10 years ago iBooks were still using PowerPC processors, and Macbooks didn't exist until 2006.

Comment Re:I can say, after having upgraded to mountain li (Score 5, Informative) 213

No, it is not just him. This corruption problem with Safari is a well known problem. It appears that this problem manifests strongly in the macbook retina. There are ongoing discussions about this in many forums, including apple's own:


As reported by many testers, these problems have NOT been fixed in the soon-to-be-released 10.8.3 update, and they are still present in the Webkit nightly. If you are not experiencing such problems, the most probable reason is that you're using a non-retina display.

Comment Re:Unity (Score 5, Informative) 273

Current Ubuntu user here as well.
I'm all for this too... but in a ***separate*** shopping lens.

Even Stallman said so:
"[To protect users' privacy] is easy: all it takes is to have separate buttons for network searches and local searches, as earlier versions of Ubuntu did."

Goddamn, having shopping result when I am searching for local files is not only a privacy issue... it is damnright annoying.

Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Good linux desktop environment for hi-def/retina displays? 1

Volanin writes: I have been using linux for the last 15 years both at home and at work (mostly gnome and now unity). Recently, I gave up to temptation and bought myself a macbook retina 15". As you can read around, linux still has no good support for this hardware, so I am running it inside a virtual machine. Running in scaled 1440x900 makes the linux fonts look absolutely terrible, and running in true 2880x1800 makes them beautiful, but every UI element becomes so tiny, it's unworkable. Is there a desktop environment that handles resolution independence better? Linux has had support for SVG for a long time, but gnome/unity seems adamant in defining small icon sizes and UI elements without the possibility to resize them.

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