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Comment Re:what will be more interesting (Score 1) 662

We are talking about couple of different things here:

1. Assault on a subordinate from a superior within a company. An inexcusable act that got its well deserved summary in the dismissal of the guilty party.

2. End of the most entertaining car show that I have ever seen.

The two things are obviously interdependent but saying that point one was done properly doesn't mean that I cannot be sad that point two happened also. In regards to how "fake" the show was or not - who cares. We enjoy Star Wars, Star Trek and loads of other things that are not real and are out of our reach.
Here I at least got to see how pretty much any supercar, that I will never drive, behaves and looks. I also got to see loads of insane races that were all shot with spectacular camera shots and had fairly weird concept ideas. I doubt I will see anything like it again.

Comment Re:No thanks... (Score 3, Informative) 138

Maybe the experience there was customized. But if you want to create your local account on Windows 8.1 you are pretty much forced to go to the selection, which you would look at if you were about to create a Microsoft account and THEN there is a way to create it locally.
Here is instruction list from MS site on how to create a local account from within the Windows itself (not easy).

Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, tap Settings, and then tap Change PC settings. (If you're using a mouse, point to the lower-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer up, click Settings, and then click Change PC settings.)
Tap or click Accounts, and then tap or click Other accounts.
Tap or click Add an account, and then tap or click Sign in without a Microsoft account (not recommended).
Tap or click Local account.
Enter a user name for the new account.
If you want this person to sign in with a password, enter and verify the password, add a password hint, and then tap or click Next.
If your PC is on a domain, depending on the domain's security settings, you might be able to skip this step and tap or click Next, if you prefer.
Tap or click Finish.

Comment Re:I must be missing something. (Score 1) 240

Where do you get ALT F4 on a tablet? Which is what we are discussing here

Really? Please track this thread to its beginning and tell me where a tablet is mentioned for this particular issue?
Also, on a tablet you can get ALT+F4 with a virtual keyboard, if you would absolutely need it.
And third, there is still the bloody little X in the upper right corner if you do not like the ALT+F4 option or if you actually have to be on the tablet. And I mentioned that option, but you choose to ignore it and rather point to an issue that doesn't exist.

Comment Re:We've redefined success! (Score 1) 498


Approaches like that already exist in other areas.
For example, you generally cannot simply show up for a sex change operation. You have to go through (often) several years worth of consultations and evaluations, before you will be allowed to proceed.
Similar situation also exists for people that have "extra phantom limbs" (they feel that one of their legs doesn't belong to them and should be removed, for instance). Depending on where they are, they will also have an option to consultations, therapy and, eventually, removal of the limb. Alternative can be a person that will go and sit on the railway tracks in order to have his leg cut off by a train. I think you can imagine how well that can work out.

In my opinion you do have a right to do anything you want with your body. But in some cases (like in other areas of your life) you don't actually know what you want and may make a different choice if you are well informed and have the support of your environment that helps you research all the options that may be open to you.

Comment Re:We've redefined success! (Score 1) 498

I don't think that's the discussion that we're having here.

If you feel that you should take your own life, I believe that you are well within your rights to do so. The discussion here is about the people who are attempting to end their lives on a whim, for a lack of a better term. And when they do, they realize that they made a mistake.

Examples that you are giving are also, potentially, mistakes. But they are reversible or correctable. Or in some cases, just life. Suicide attempts, that result in death are not reversible or correctable.

Submission + - Adventure Video Game about Cancer->

Vlado writes: A couple of creative parents have been struggling with their toddlers' terminal diagnosis. Mother wrote a book to help her explain the situation to her other children. Father, a game designer, on the other hand decided to turn the experience into a point-and-click adventure.
It's definitely a new way of presenting a troubling subject to the audience. While video games have long past reached a maturity and are not considered just entertainment for kids, it's not everyday that we can come across one that dares to take us into themes that cannot easily be referred to as "entertainment".

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Submission + - Game of drones: As U.S. dithers, rivals get a head start->

Amanda Parker writes: Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are a hot ticket in Silicon Valley, but U.S. government dithering over regulations has given overseas companies a head-start in figuring out how best to exploit them. Global spending on drones could add up to close to $100 billion over the next decade, with commercial uses — from farming and filming to pipelines and parcels — accounting for around an eighth of that market, according to BI Intelligence. But for years, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the authority largely responsible for regulation in the United States, has dragged its feet, only last month issuing draft rules on who can fly drones, how and where. It's likely to be a year or more before the regulations are in place — good news for companies operating outside the U.S. and looking to build a business around drones.
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Comment Re:Watches (Score 2) 141

That doesn't really work all that well for lefties.

I'm a left-handed person and I always wore watches on my left hand. First of all it didn't cause me any problems to do so. Second of all it would be awkward to operate the watch on the right hand, since button-placement is ergonomically better suited for wearing watch on the left hand and operating it with the right one. Try winding a "legacy" analog watch with your left hand, while wearing it on the right one. You can, but it's damn uncomfortable.
The only alternative is then to wear the watch with wrong-side-up, which isn't any better :-)

Comment Re:Watches (Score 2) 141

I read somewhere, a long time ago, that wristwatches became "popular" during first world war. The reason was that watches were needed for executing coordinated attacks along the front. Wristwatches allowed you to check time, without letting go of your weapon. This also accounts for wristwatches being worn on the left hand. It allowed you to aim your rifle while being able to look at the watch along the arm that supported it.

Comment Re:and that means it doesn't cost any more? (Score 1) 231

Now you're changing your argument. Before you were saying that it's much easier to found a company in US than it is in Europe. Now you're saying that it's easy to do it Europe but that it's not profitable. It would be fairly interesting to see you back that up, since based on your argument no one in their right capitalistic mind would run their business in Europe. And let's not forget that a fair amount of US-based businesses are currently using EU as a tax shelter, since their profits can be better protected there than in US. I'll give you Apple and Amazon as examples here.

All great ideas are controversial, or have been at one time.