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Comment Re:Complaints go down for more than one reason (Score 1) 202

Speaking from firsthand experience, I know for a fact that police routinely lie in their reports.

When I was younger I was couple of times part of the police "procedure". Long story short, they would essentially harass kids who were out, having a something to drink (not illegally). After they finished their thing and filed their reports I was, among others, called to a local court, dealing in misdemeanors where I had to defend against doing things that never happened.

I don't care if the police simply made a mistake, or (in my opinion more likely) straight-out lied. The fact was, that I did absolutely nothing wrong and someone in position of power put me in a position where I was blamed for the things that they made up.

Thankfully there was no physical abuse happening, but I would be really glad if there was an independent, incorruptible witness to the whole event.

Comment Re: I'm 8 hours in (Score 1) 367

It wasn't clear that power armour can jump from buildings without taking damage.

That would be because you didn't read the power armor help text box that automatically appears when you put it on

Exactly. This is something that the game is quite explicit about. To be honest, I was still a bit wary of doing it, but it is my fault for not trusting the instructions.

Comment Re:16GB (Score 1) 190

By that logic there should be just one model out there and that's that. At the end of the day, Nexus phones are supposed to be devices mainly targeted at developers as testbed, reference devices. So why would you need more than a few GB of storage capacity anyway?

On the other hand, I was simply pointing out to the OP that the option which he was suggesting, doesn't exist and he should consider alternatives.

Comment Re:16GB (Score 1) 190

You're right, but the case that you're describing is slightly different.

In your scenario you got rid of the things that you acquired, not the things you created. It's much more of a struggle, when you have to get rid of some of your text messages, photos and/or videos that you took and so forth.
And phones (at least in my opinion) are most of the time used to store the data that we create, rather than the data that we acquire. One exception being the apps, of course. Music and video content, that I consume on my phone is mostly streamed. There is some downloaded content but, like you said, that's not a problem when you have to get rid of it.

Now, I do agree that backups are crucial. And if you've backed stuff up, you should kind of let go and not need the local capacity anymore. But have you ever seen people showing you photos of their kids on their phone? Those are often a few years old. And no, it's also usually not a selection :-)

Comment Re:16GB (Score 1) 190

Why wouldn't it?
People like having large capacities for storage. I know a lot of people who start fidgeting very nervously, when they' re forced to delete anything from their devices.

For me, 64GB hits the sweetspot. Although with 4K recording capabilities that would also be on the low end, if I were more into recording video, than I am.

Comment Re:16GB (Score 1) 190

Only problem is, that there is no 64GB model. At lest not for the 5X. There are 16 and 32GB models and then there are 64 and 128GB Nexus 6P models.

So you either get a small phone with small storage capacity or a large phone with large storage capacity. No small phone with large storage capacity is available here.

Comment Re:Amazon App tablets let you app apps! (Score 2) 200

I understand your use case. For me however, e-reader (also Kindle paperwhite) is a clear win on any trip that I take.
If you fly for anything longer than 4 hours apiece then any sort of tablet will be useless, since I won't be able to rely on the battery to get me through the trip. One of the reasons, ironically, will be because it will be a tablet. I will inevitably want to fire up a game a sometime and that will drain the battery.
Also, if you go on a vacation and don't want to be bothered with a need to charge it as well as being able to read on the beach, then e-reader is a clean winner again.

If I had to use it like you do, though, then tablet would be a better option for me as well.

Comment Re:I always assumed they were (Score 1) 220

That is not the case.

I once checked in luggage in Munich, Germany. In the (locked Samsonite) luggage I had a scuba diving flashlight. When I reached my destination, the flashlight was missing and there was a note saying that it will wait for me in Munich upon my return.

I was angry as hell at that time, since a lot of dives required use of a flashlight. But I was also angry, that this happened completely without any interaction with me. Someone could have gotten on the PA system and located me to sort this out.

And I also think that this should be possible in the US as well.
1. If the bag was checked in somewhere then it's reasonably safe at the destination airport as well.
2. If there is an issue during check-in, call me and let's solve that issue.

I do not want people to open my luggage when I'm not present. How can then the question "Did someone put something in your luggage?" be answered?

Comment Re:That's nice (Score 1) 320

If you don't do what their religion believes, they feel obligated to kill you. I know a women from Iran who doesn't drink alcohol for religious reasons.

You seem to be stepping on your own argument. First you say that muslims want to kill you if you don't do what their religion believes and in the very next sentence you say that a muslim woman has no problems if people around her don't do what her religion believes. What is it then?
And just to make myself clear: your statement that muslims want to kill you if you don't support their beliefs is absolutely wrong. They will be quite happy to talk to you and debate the reasons for why their religion dictates certain things. And, if they go out of the Gulf area some of them will actually go and have a (alcoholic) drink with you. I've been with more than a single muslim who drank heavy liquor quite liberally but at the same time still held most of his or her other religious beliefs quite dear.

Oh, a peddler in the Bazaar will drop that comment liberally . . . but it is my experience that older folks in the Turkish IT community use it very conservatively.

Ahh... Here is the catch. You're differentiating between one type of Turks and another type of Turks now? You didn't do that before, did you? The thing is, before you were wrong! Not all the Turks are the same. You're quite right that the same thing spoken by one person will ot have the same meaning as when spoken by someone else.
You know why? Because no nation, or religion or any group is ever homogeneous There are always differences. And saying that all muslims are homicidal, violent terorists is as wrong as saying that all european women sunbathe topless.

And as for muslim leaders denouncing terorist attacks: that happens pretty much every time in Europe, after some such outrage happens. Even more, there are joint events where muslim, catholic, jewish and orthodox leaders come together and decry those acts together, while at the same time urge young people of all religions ("christian" youths are also the ones who "convert" to ISIS teachings, by the way) not to fall for the propaganda that brainwashes them from ISIS.

You should really try and check a wider range of news sources. I understand that mainstream media only shows sensationalist type of news and that type is rarely positive. But the fact that you don't see it doesn't mean that it's not there.

Comment Re:That's nice (Score 1) 320

Who is shooting at kids in US schools. Muslims?

You are very conveniently ignoring all the atrocities that any non-muslim people are doing and focusing on a group of extremists, who cover under the guise of religion.
You're pretty much describing what KKK was doing while they were (are) pretending to be Christians. No difference.

Comment Re:That's nice (Score 1) 320

I know and work with a bunch of folks whose religion is Islam . . . but they would never call themselves "Muslims"

That is like saying that you know people who's religion is Christianity but they don't call themselves Christians.

When a Turk addresses you as "My Friend!", he really means it . . . an I always feel honored when I hear that.

Go to any market in Istanbul. You will have a chance to feel honored over and over again.

Comment Re:what will be more interesting (Score 1) 662

We are talking about couple of different things here:

1. Assault on a subordinate from a superior within a company. An inexcusable act that got its well deserved summary in the dismissal of the guilty party.

2. End of the most entertaining car show that I have ever seen.

The two things are obviously interdependent but saying that point one was done properly doesn't mean that I cannot be sad that point two happened also. In regards to how "fake" the show was or not - who cares. We enjoy Star Wars, Star Trek and loads of other things that are not real and are out of our reach.
Here I at least got to see how pretty much any supercar, that I will never drive, behaves and looks. I also got to see loads of insane races that were all shot with spectacular camera shots and had fairly weird concept ideas. I doubt I will see anything like it again.

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