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Comment: Re:Enough Already (Score 4, Insightful) 397

by Vitriolix (#27803973) Attached to: Apple Rejects Nine Inch Nails iPhone App

This is such a farce, you need to read a little deeper than the glossy "gold rush" articles. there have been a very *small* number of people who got lucky and struck it rich, but as in all gold rushes, there are now so many people trying to get theirs, that the app store has become a wasteland clusterfuck of shitty me2 apps. Now, like everywhere else in life, you have to a) have a good application b) have good marketing c) have some luck to make money with iphone apps.

Comment: Re:That's why Adblock plus exists ! (Score 1) 653

by Vitriolix (#26743105) Attached to: Why Your Pop-Up Blocker Doesn't Work Anymore

seriously, I recently tried uninstalling it to give ad revenue to sites i visit, but as soon as I started hitting abusive ads (flashing, misleading fake dialogs, video with sound, popunder) the adblock went back on. I've whitelisted a few of the more trustworthy ad networks like google adwords because they don't abuse the users.

Comment: Re:Perfect for in-dash navigational systems... (Score 2, Interesting) 203

by Vitriolix (#26313793) Attached to: Running Android On Netbooks

If you do almost all your computing using "cloud" services like google docs, flickr, gmail/gcalendar/etc, who needs a full fledged desktop os? For most people that accounts for their entire "every day" computing task load. all you need is a lightweight, easy to use, energy efficient OS. Android would be perfect for that use. There are netbooks coming out now with built in 3g cell broadband adapters, so throw android on one of those and you have yourself a cloud computing terminal that is instant on and snappy. sounds badass to me.

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