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Comment: Re:two words (Score 2, Insightful) 193

by VisualD (#29570483) Attached to: Banking Via Twitter?
Even if its secure from the perspective of other users (which it's not - does twitter even have a password policy?), it's ripe for abuse by twitter staff members, and anyone working in their co-lo centres (I'm assuming tweets are stored unencrypted). After all the push for two factor authentication and security management, we get this? Truly a WTF of the highest calibre.

Comment: Re:And this is partly why I refused eBilling (Score 2, Interesting) 259

by VisualD (#29523541) Attached to: ISP Mistakenly Emails Customer Database To Thousands
Im assuming your on one of the business rates? I ask because I'm on HomeOffice 2+ (have been with demon for a good 8 years now) and have a cap of 60GB per rolling 30 day period. I've been capped to 128kbps twice now, so I rang for my mac code thinking I might try Be, and they offered me Demon Business 2+ Pro for £30 a month, which apparently is a no limits service. Would be nice to get your impressions of the service before committing to a 12 month contract, if you have the time :) BTW, I also opted out of e-billing at the time, for very similar apprehensions, it is nice to be vindicated.

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by VisualD (#28805559) Attached to: Gaming On Windows 7
Running 7 here at work with 3 screens just fine, Two on a 6600GT and one on the onboard X1100. Had to do a slight tweak to get Aero enabled on all three (force aero on and restart the display manager service). At home I have four screens on two 9800GTX+'s (FSX :) ) with literally zero config required (other than doing the placement in the display customisation screen). Couldn't get either of those configs stable on XP. YMMV

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