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Comment That's not spam (Score 1) 159

It's a clever spy technique called obfuscation. Each one of those pill or account transfer messages contains a vital enemy secret that could mean the downfall of our nation. I encourage the NSA to carefully look over each one with exacting attention. You never know....

Comment Try this One (Score 1) 470

A couple years back, I tried this Valentine's Day stunt.

I went around to every gal at work and with a nice smile told them that I was giving out kisses for Valentine's Day.

After giving them a moment (there were some funny expressions), I looked them in the eye, leaned forward, and held out a Hersey's Kiss on the palm of my hand. Lots of smiles and laughs from that one.

Comment Re:Missing option (Score 5, Funny) 566

We had a lunch pilferer at work but couldn't discover who it was. So, one of the gals made a couple of lunches including roast beef sandwiches with all the fixings plus diced habanero peppers. That day, the janitor went home with an upset stomach. Hmm... From that day on, we didn't have any more disappearing lunches.

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