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Comment: OpenGeo - a tool or a service? (Score 1) 91

by VirtualSquid (#26672207) Attached to: LimeWire's Mark Gorton Brings Open-Source To Urban Planning
It's odd that the news in TFA is mainly about OpenGeo, but it doesn't link to The article says "using OpenGeo, an open-source visualization tool for GeoServer data", but OpenGeo's website says it's consulting and support services, not a tool. I suspect the journalist just got confused?

+ - iPhone Goes Adult With iSteamy->

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An anonymous reader writes "The iPhone went adult today with the launch of the first native adult application for the iPhone and iPod Touch; iSteamy. iSteamy brings the adult media world to your pocket with an ever growing and user contributable collection of audio, video, and zoomable pictures, as well as off-line storage for when you are away from the internet."
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Role Playing (Games)

+ - Dead game designer updates her blog->

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destinyland writes "As Vanity Fair ran a cover story about the death by suicide of Theresa Duncan (creator of Zero Zero), she was updating her blog. Theresa left behind a posthumous post, raising questions about how the process of death itself will be impacted by technology. "It isn't hard to imagine a future scenario when people will be able to generate AI-controlled virtual selves who will stroll around digital worlds like Second Life, having conversations with grief-stricken friends and family after their living counterparts are dead.""
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