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Comment: Microsoft would be onto a winner if... (Score 5, Insightful) 340

by Viol8 (#48905951) Attached to: Windows 10: Charms Bar Removed, No Start Screen For Desktops

... they took the Win 7 desktop + the win 8 kernel and called it windows 10. Job done. The days when anyone cared about all these GUI toys like the charms bar/continuum/whatever on a PC is long gone - people have got all that crap on their smartphones now.

Comment: Re:A question for all the"deniers". (Score 1) 459

by Viol8 (#48882789) Attached to: Science By Democracy Doesn't Work

"CO2 isn't the main Greenhouse gas, water vapor is. And it isn't even close."

Thats why I said "persistent". And water vapour sinply acts in a feedback loop for CO2. Its positive and negative effects - cloud reflectivity vs IR absorbtion - tend to cancel out.

"they come off as stupid ignorant parrots."

Perhaps look in the mirror. After you've learned to read properly.

Comment: A question for all the"deniers". (Score 2, Insightful) 459

by Viol8 (#48874483) Attached to: Science By Democracy Doesn't Work

Just what exactly do you expect will happen if you almost double the amount of the atmospheres main persistent infra red absorber? And if you think it will have no effect can you please explain why you think this.

I'm just curious because I'm sure your stand is based on sound scientific reasoning rather than a rather pathetic attempt at self justification for a "lets carry on business as usual I don't care" approach to the issue which unfortunately is a standard human response to a lot of big problems.

Comment: Re:"inescapable conclusion" (Score 1) 229

by Viol8 (#48873717) Attached to: The Paradoxes That Threaten To Tear Modern Cosmology Apart

"The beginning of the universe does not need to conserve energy, but things as far as we can tell are conserved after that."

As fas as we can tell beig the important clause there. Besides which - the energy causing the expansion could be coming from outside our universe if one adhers to the multiverse theory , in which case all bets are off.

Comment: Re:Teams are overrated anyway (Score 1) 219

by Viol8 (#48850047) Attached to: Why Some Teams Are Smarter Than Others

"both thrived in collaborative environments where it took multiple great minds working together to solve complex problems."

If the collaborative enviroments had anything to do with it then all those theories would have been released as a team effort.

"Your rant does not communicate arrogance, it communicates insecurity and an inferiority complex."

Does it? Oh. I guess I'd better go and have a cry then hadn't I.

" But it is ok, not everyone is cut out for teamwork,"

You're right - some of us don't need others to support various weaknesses which by your tone I'm guessing you do. But don't worry, you're just another sheep safe in the herd, bleat away and be happy.

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