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Comment Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (Score 1, Interesting) 139

You may repeat as many times you want that but you may easilly deduct from the 1st grade conviction that if the earthquake did not happen they would not be indicted and their behaviour would have been considered appropriate.

It's easy to point out the wrong information *after* the facts....

What they said was that the seismic swarm was not indicative of a strong earthquake coming. So, if the population was fine before the long seismic swarm they do not have any reason to be more alarmed than usual and thus they may go back and behave a usual.

That is something that anyone whould have said in a very alarmed situation with people yelling of an imminent earthquake, newspapers spreading alarmism, etc... and with good reason because people sleeping in their cars and living outside the houses do suffer and it is important to avoid such suffering if the behaviour is not backed by any evidence.

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