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Comment Re: Militant Slashdot (Score 1) 293

One thing you failed to mention, AR-15s are incredibly easy to turn into automatic. I know, i've seen it done and used one. It takes all of a few minutes to change it from legal to illegal destroy that spare fridge and mod it back to legal again. I'm not sure how easy it is for other guns like this, but I was pretty amazed to see this in person. As a small kid at the time, it was the coolest thing ever. As an adult, it's the most terrifying thing ever.

Comment Re:Millennials (Score 1) 91

Okay DAD. No, really, what they're doing now with real time telemetry data over miniaturized HD displays is pretty amazing. And affordable. It's a lot like where VR and 3D Printing is today vs the early 90s. It's leaps and bounds better and its finally at the point where it's about to explode to the general public.The technology leaps we are seeing on a month to month basis in the RC world is mind blowing. Since we're all computer nerds, a good analogy is right when the Pentiums came out, this is where we are just hitting with the RC industry and quads. It's freaking AMAZING. If this stuff interests you in the slightest, GET IN NOW to ride this wave. It's one of the best hobbies ever with all this cool tech.

Comment Re:I get it, but it's stupid. (Score 1) 187

Well, now you can. The cat is out of the bag. It's the point of the article.

At this point, Apple now knows child labor is being used in their products, so are you going to give them a pass from today going forward? Maybe, maybe not. But I am guessing where we are in 2016, the majority of people would expect Apple to cut all ties unless they fixed it.

Comment Let's not. (Score 1) 187

When a buyer, say HP, gets parts and sells it with their brand on it and supports the parts under their warranty, it effectively becomes their product. You can no longer just point your finger over there. The finger is at HP, because their name is all over it. There is a difference here, and I hope you're not being willfully obtuse about it, because companies can and do decide who to do business with.

Comment Re:Brutus (Score 2) 353

Yeah, this. When people like the guy above who says he doesn't like anyone - Who does he like? You've got the entire gamut running right now. You've got literal Fascists to literal Socialists and everything in-between. No one will EVER, never ever, never ever ever line up exactly with what you want out of a candidate unless you run yourself. Most people are old enough to know this and vote based on who closest matches their own ideals.

Comment Re:Not only right, it's important (Score 1) 257

I agree, but it's not even just about helping people. It's about the guy who shows up at the scene of an accident where a young woman is gasping her final breaths during a horrific accident as rescue workers are doing everything they can to save her life. She passes on and her entire last few minutes of life are now about to be posted online for everyone to witness before her parents even know she is gone.

This happened at an accident this summer that a coworker was involved in. He noticed a guy filming this as she died, and he made him delete it all or he was going to eat a knuckle sandwich. The guy complied, even though he didn't have to. But I am sure this happens a lot in todays society, and can only imagine the added horror something like this adds to the family and friends.

It sucks. There has to be a solution that is fair without stepping on other rights that can be abused.

Comment Easy to believe. (Score 1) 111

A lot of health care providers have been moving to newer patient management systems. I have yet to see any nurse, doctor, or anyone else that has to use these systems actually LIKE them. I know two nurses who absolutely HATE the new systems, that doing it on paper and pencil is far quicker, easier, and more efficient than what was put in. Their opinions are echoed across the industry. It's not an age thing, either. These new management systems are trash, and cost millions to implement and install. All it does is factor in our costs going up more and more.

Comment Own a DK2. (Score 1) 278

Price of entry, and PC specs are just way too high to get this going. I love the cool little demos on my DK2, and it sold me entirely on VR as the future. Just not anytime soon. Maybe when todays I7s are considered low end and less than $99 the industry might be where VR needs to be for public consumption. Or maybe they'll just end up putting 8k screens in the Rift and set us all back again.

I'll be looking closely at the PSVR. I think targeting a standardized platform is going to help the cause a bit more. But, again, cost, and performance will need to be worthwhile.

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