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Comment Re:I was all for Obamacare until I found out I was (Score 0) 786

Why not? Why not just push for a full NHS like Europe at this point instead? No one should have to be paying for health care in this country, we're far too wealthy to let such basic services go unchecked. This is a start, not the best, but a start. Everyone I know has been denied health care because they had migraines, a colonoscopy, high blood pressure, and even sinus problems. The industry only wants to insure people who will never go to the doctor. It's a ridiculous situation.

Comment HELLO Ted Cruz. (Score 1) 307

I really love the "How about this - why don't we do something deliberately, in a planned fashion, that has wide support in society?" quote. Half the country wants to cover everyone, and doesn't think money should be a consideration when it comes to health care. The other 50% think people should simply DIE if they get sick. Period. There is NO "wide support" for either side, and there NEVER WILL BE. Until the other half the population quits screaming about every stupid event of the day, and actually decides to show some compassion towards the poor and unfortunate, this will NEVER HAPPEN.

So then we have this: "How about we just don't throw crap to say we did something?" Which is EXACTLY what happens when you have people screaming and not working together. This is what you get. It's the ONLY way to move forward at this point.

Welcome to America, bud.

Comment Re:Republicans are to blame (Score 1) 1144

This is the Republicans Alamo. They see the writing on the wall with Texas turning blue in the next decade. The gerrymandering can only go so far when your entire state starts to turn completely liberal. There is not much else Republicans can do to keep from losing power and becoming irrelevant at this point, so they want to try and reset the country in hopes everyone will just get angry at Obama.

Good luck with that, midterms are almost here.

Comment So they take the data to a public company..Aieyiyi (Score 1) 251

Instead of creating their own in-house private cloud linked through their own private facilities linked all over the world, they went with a public company that can do this for them? Are they NUTS? No, really. If this isn't the worst, most unsecured way to do ANYTHING, I don't know what is. Do they use their full names as their login IDs as well?

Are you kidding me?

Comment Re:This will help the Occulus Rift A LOT!!! (Score 1) 125

ClifferyB has already put a lot of weight behind Occulus. Sony has been using them in house with Planetside 2.

I've been shouting this from the roof tops, but if someone wants to make a fortune, they could make a little console box that has only one output. Occulus. It would be bigger than Wii. It would be Neuromancer prime. The entire OS could link you into a virtual world and you go from there. It could be such an amazing game changer.

Comment Re:Definitely... (Score 1) 719

I think a lot of us saw this. Particularly when he said 'NO LOBBYISTS WILL SERVE WITH ME' and promptly started putting lobbyists into positions. His reasoning was that all the people qualified for those positions were all lobbyists. Then he came to the table with Republicans and blatantly said to their faces 'YOU LOST, DEAL WITH IT' and expected them to simply fall in line behind him. Instead of keeping that stance, he decided to bend to their will and ended up using their health care reform as a peace offering. So much for that. Even today Republicans whine about their own health care bill being made law. Senator Chafee is probably rolling in his grave.

I think he had an idea that he could shape policy by himself, but when it requires everyone else to do it as well, and when everyone else is, frankly, nuts, you don't get much done.

Comment Re:Nice (Score 1) 719

More often than not, everyone has their good sides and bad sides. You won't find a single person in history that was lauded as a savior of a certain time or period without some bad sides.

This is not to mean it is wrong to discount them, but it also wrong to discount all their good effects as well. Gandhi, in particular, had far more good than bad.

Also, 'koolaid'? Really? Welcome to 2008.

Comment Re:ObamaCare, anyone? (Score 5, Insightful) 541

Companies shouldn't have to worry about providing insurance to workers, regardless. They should be able to focus on the cost of running their business with static expenses. Countries like Denmark has some of the highest individual entrepreneurship rates in the world. Why? Because the government takes care of providing health care to everyone, as well as all schooling through college. Obviously these are all funded through higher tax rates, but it leaves a lot of unknown headaches from businesses and manages to provide everyone an opportunity to succeed.

The trouble with doing something right the first time is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was.