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Comment Local news site already did this, didn't stop... (Score 1) 210

The racists are full on racist regardless that their names are shown. Every time a crime is reported, and a minority is in the headlines, you get non-stop bashing. When they fail to report the race, the comments complain that they're trying to cover up the race, and do it anyways. This is in one of the most liberal cities in the USA, too. It's so sad how far we've fallen.

Comment Do people do this in their spare time? (Score 1) 92

I mean, are these guys working on this between Star Wars Battlefront matches, or when they get burned out collecting items in Fallout 4? I mean, 15 years is a long time, so there had to be some sort of routine to this, right? What about when Everquest was popular, did that push this out for an extra five years or what?

Comment Definition of DRONE. (Score 1) 92

I hope the first thing they do is define what a drone is and isn't.

Drones as we know them today are generally car-size, and can be fully automated on demand.

I'm tired of seeing a quadrocopter, which is no different than an RC helicopter or RC airplane being called a drone.

If someone wants to fly a 1 ton automated aircraft, then by all means, make them register them.

If they want to fly a small RC toy, or even something as large as a golden retriever, then no. It's just considered a remote controlled craft that has been legal to fly since ... decades and decades and decades.

Comment Re:Wolf3D, Doom, Quake... (Score 1) 309

I'm not sure if I'm agreeing with you or not. But Wolf3D, Doom 1/2, and Quake all required top of the line PCs at the time. These games didn't run on anything considered average back then. These games in particular DROVE the industry to release faster chips. When Doom was released, most people had a 386, and it would run, in a tiny frame. But those who owned 486s, they could play it reasonably fine. When Doom 2 came out, it would play "okay" on a 486/33 but it really shined on a 486/66 which was out of reach for most people, and certainly out of reach for the 386 users. I remember saving forever to finally get a 486 dx4 100mhz and it played Doom 2 and Descent as awesome as you could expect. It was top of the line. The very first Pentiums were just being introduced.

Then Quake alpha came out. You needed a Pentium. The DX 4 100 couldn't play it for crap. Soon after the 3D card market exploded, again, thanks in part to iD Software.

So, seeing a game such as Batman wanting top of the line might not be ordinary today, but back then, every big game demanded it.

Comment Re:I was all for Obamacare until I found out I was (Score 0) 786

Why not? Why not just push for a full NHS like Europe at this point instead? No one should have to be paying for health care in this country, we're far too wealthy to let such basic services go unchecked. This is a start, not the best, but a start. Everyone I know has been denied health care because they had migraines, a colonoscopy, high blood pressure, and even sinus problems. The industry only wants to insure people who will never go to the doctor. It's a ridiculous situation.

Comment HELLO Ted Cruz. (Score 1) 307

I really love the "How about this - why don't we do something deliberately, in a planned fashion, that has wide support in society?" quote. Half the country wants to cover everyone, and doesn't think money should be a consideration when it comes to health care. The other 50% think people should simply DIE if they get sick. Period. There is NO "wide support" for either side, and there NEVER WILL BE. Until the other half the population quits screaming about every stupid event of the day, and actually decides to show some compassion towards the poor and unfortunate, this will NEVER HAPPEN.

So then we have this: "How about we just don't throw crap to say we did something?" Which is EXACTLY what happens when you have people screaming and not working together. This is what you get. It's the ONLY way to move forward at this point.

Welcome to America, bud.

Comment Re:Republicans are to blame (Score 1) 1144

This is the Republicans Alamo. They see the writing on the wall with Texas turning blue in the next decade. The gerrymandering can only go so far when your entire state starts to turn completely liberal. There is not much else Republicans can do to keep from losing power and becoming irrelevant at this point, so they want to try and reset the country in hopes everyone will just get angry at Obama.

Good luck with that, midterms are almost here.

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