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Comment: Suggested new name (Score 1) 426

They could improve its reputation by changing its name from 'Microsoft Internet Explorer' to 'Blackwater Internet Explorer'.

The original owners of 'Blackwater' are also frantically doing name-scrubs, so the name is currently unoccupied. (Blackwater --> Xe (2009-2011) --> Academi (2011-2014 )--> Constellis (2014-whenever people catch on to the new name).)

Comment: Re:Where is the data? (Score 1) 49

by Viadd (#39538923) Attached to: JAXA Creates Camera That Can See Radiation

There are two main imaging techniques that work in moderate-energy gamma-rays: Coded Aperture which use a shadow mask; and Compton Imaging.

According to this article the camera uses Compton Imaging. In this technique you look at gamma rays that scatter off of one detector and into another. Each detector tells you where the interaction occurred and how much energy was deposited. From this information, you can derive for each gamma ray that it came from somewhere on a hollow cone (with its tip at the first interaction point.) If you detect many gamma rays you can look at where the cones intersect, and that's where the gammas are coming from.

Comment: Emergency cell tower (Score 5, Interesting) 90

by Viadd (#36922130) Attached to: Hackers' Flying Drone Now Eavesdrops On GSM Phones

How often have you heard of people who are lost in the woods/at sea, and who could have called for help if they had cell phone connectivity?

They could fly one of these as part of a search. Even if the owner isn't actively using the phone, the drone could detect the electronic serial number of each phone in its coverage area and match it against the lost person's phone.

Comment: Re:The leaking pipe isn't 5 feet in diameter (Score 1) 799

by Viadd (#32201042) Attached to: Gulf Gusher Worst Case Scenario

If it is 53 cm instead of 5 feet, then scaling from the video is off by a factor of (5 feet/53 cm)^3 = 24 and his 4 bbarrels per second becomes 15 thousand barrels per day, assuming he only made that one mistake.

This is not good, but it is closer to the mainstream media than to the Revelation-quoting Alabaman.

Comment: Re:Frist Post! (Score 1) 162

by Viadd (#30564768) Attached to: Fifth Anniversary of a Cosmic Onslaught

The energy released was mind-numbing: in one-fifth of a second, this supercharged magnetic neutron star blasted out as much energy as the Sun does in 250,000 years!"

There's no way for me to get my head around these numbers to "truly" feel it. What methods can you use to visualize such extreme numbers?

A fifth of a second is about the time it takes to blink. It's about 12 frames of a 720P HD video signal.

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