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Comment The Matrix: Reloaded (Score 3, Funny) 1227

This poll does remind me of the scene in The Matrix: Reloaded in which Trinity must open up access to an electric plant for Neo, or an event along those lines. In the said scene, she can be seen using Nmap to scan the plant's network and subsquently exploit an SSH security hole to be able to access the network as an administrator and hence fulfill her task. The command prompt process can be seen and contrarily to other hacker films or B-series, none of it is faked.

I always do laugh when I watch cheap German shows on Saturday afternoon television, because the actors (or at least, the translators) really do know nothing of what they are being asked to say, and the dialogue always resembles the same structure:

-- I've hacked the level 5 password database, I&#m logging in as a super root administrator to deactivate the nuclear launch.
-- How much time have you got left?
(Close-up of a dummy FBI hacking interface with lines being randomly traced over the planet)
-- I have got some interception, another hacker is trying to destroy my communication port line!
-- Quick, you have got to do this. Try and push the other hacker off!
-- I have installed a backdoor trojan virus on his communication port line, I can now control his computer. I shall shut it down to cease the megabyte data flow.
-- Good job, but we have next to no time left!
(Close-up of obligatory scrolling of 0s and 1s)
-- I've done it! I have hacked the control center software, I am deactivating the nuclear weapons ... Done it!
(With one second left, obviously)

And on the seventh day, He exited from append mode.