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Comment: Re:So Intel is getting Nvidia GPU technology (Score 1) 111

by Verunks (#44047503) Attached to: NVIDIA To License Its GPU Tech

AMD is currently devastating Nvidia in the high end gaming market. Every one of the 3 new consoles uses AMD/ATI tech for the graphics. EA (the massive games developer) has announced their own games engines will be optimised ONLY on AMD CPU and GPUs (on Xbone, PS4 and PC). Nvidia is falling out of the game.

where exactly are you getting the number for amd devastating nvidia? both titan and 780 are better than amd gpus, the steam hardware survey still shows a 52% for nvidia and 33% for amd. The ps4 and the xbone will use amd because having a combined cpu and gpu is more convenient for a console and intel gpus are not exactly good.

As for ea do you understand that they got paid by amd to do that? this is something that both nvidia and amd have done for years, all those games that have a "better with nvidia/amd" intros didn't put it there because the developers like them, for example one of the main guy behind frostbite(that as you just said will only be optimized for amd) just built a titan system https://twitter.com/repi/status/346335279751237633, why would he use nvidia instead of amd if amd is devastating nvidia?

both amd and nvidia have strengths and weaknesses but nobody is devastating anyone

Comment: Re:Pathetic. (Score 3, Informative) 841

by Verunks (#42899189) Attached to: Elon Musk Lays Out His Evidence That NYT Tesla Test Drive Was Staged

I don't watch Top Gear. I don't understand the purpose of faked reviews. People do take it seriously.

well that's the problem, you can't understand what top gear does if you don't watch it. It's a comic show where they destroy cars, make stupid challenges to decide what's the best car and give their very own opinion on the car they test on the track, and everyone that watches top gear knows that they absolutely hate electric cars

Comment: Re:I love old news. (Score 1) 538

by Verunks (#42824895) Attached to: Deloitte: Use a Longer Password In 2013. Seriously.

blizzard uses case insensitive passwords, it's fun since their games are probably the most targeted by hackers, I know they have authenticators and they lock the account as soon as they detect a suspicious login but I still don't see any reason on why they don't use case sensitive passwords

Comment: Re:Crysis 3 leaked some time ago (Score 1) 182

by Verunks (#42180457) Attached to: But Can It Run <em>Crysis 3</em>?

I never heard of a crysis 3 leak, I think you are confusing it with crysis 2, there was an almost open multiplayer alpha(nvidia would give away key to pretty much everyone) at the beginning of november, but the performance was quite awful on my system(3930k @4.4ghz and GTX580), I think it was around 18fps with everything maxed out but I guess it was probably a debug build so it's hard to say how it will run when it gets released

Comment: Re:Alternative: XFCE (Score 2) 152

by Verunks (#42160573) Attached to: Why KDE Plasma Makes Sense For Linux Gaming

Win7 gets better battery life with composition because it offloads to the GPU instead of using the CPU. Vista had a lot of issues with RTM, not sure how SP3 is doing, but most people I know skipped Vista anyway.

that's not true, the dwm in both vista and 7 uses gpu acceleration, that's why you couldn't enable it on older version of vmware

Comment: Re:Meanwhile at Canonical (Score 1) 255

by Verunks (#42056187) Attached to: Media Center Key Accidentally Gives Pirates Free Windows 8 Pro License

Hey, we're giving our OS away for free, no license or hack needed!



this is not true, they check if your windows 8 is activated they just don't check if a valid serial was used, that's why you need to activate your windows 8 with a fake kms server before doing this

Comment: Re:99.999% (Score 5, Informative) 245

by Verunks (#41401895) Attached to: Sophos Anti-Virus Update Identifies Sophos Code As Malware

So far, there have only been a couple 'proof of concept' viri for Linux. Nobody's figured out a way to pry any money away from us yet. :D

but linux antivirus aren't used to protect linux, they are useful if you run a mail server or a proxy so you can clean mails and webpage before they infect a windows user, or to clean an infected windows installation, for example the kaspersky live cd is based on linux

Comment: Re:This is why I use VirtualBox... (Score 1) 70

by Verunks (#41154313) Attached to: VMware Back-Pedals On vRAM Scheme, Back To Per-Socket Pricing

you clearly don't know what you are talking about if you are comparing virtualbox with vmware, especially since we are talking about vmware vsphere and not workstation, virtualbox is fine if you need a vm on your pc but it's absolutely terrible on a server
vsphere is an OS that acts as an hypervisor not just a software that you can install on an existing os that let's your run a vm

If you can't understand it, it is intuitively obvious.