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Comment: If you like foreign oil, here's your chance. (Score 0) 599

by VennData (#39232481) Attached to: Chevy Volt Meets High Resistance, GM Suspends Sales
Foreign oil is a reliable, dependable source of energy for years to come. Don't worry about a few short-term issues like the price of the car, or electric-charging station networks. And look at the romantic, efficient cities - teeming with cosmopolitan artists, designers and technologists - they've built with those profits. As a Slashdotter, you can be sure your money - capitalism dictates it - to the best investment choice for those hard-nosed businessmullahs who get our dough. ...and promoting the needs of their youth... I agree with the GOP, the long-term solution to this great nation's energy will not change, ever. Why... There's a lifetime's supply of it... We will always use oil and the longer we use, the better off our children will be, Oil was good enough for us. I don't want my oil costs going up a penny. Don't change it.

New Photos Show 'Devastating' Ice Loss On Everest 895

Posted by timothy
from the heatin'-up-the-whole-outdoors dept.
Simmeh writes "The BBC reports on new photos of the Himalayas taken from exactly the same position as ones from 1929 and compares the ice coverage. The Asia Society, which did the groundwork, are quoted as saying, 'If the present rate of melting continues, many of these glaciers will be severely diminished by the middle of this century.' I guess the previous claim wasn't too unrealistic."

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