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Comment: Re:why not crack down on the rioting protesters? (Score 1) 177 177

I thought I'd help out a bit and look it up. FACT: something said to be true or supposed to have happened. So it's a fact that the uber passenger experience is nicer, because Noah Haders said so, and I agree with him. The fact may be proven wrong, but that's beside the point. After all, we're just arguing semantics...

Comment: Re:Yes (Score 1) 1067 1067

I'm afraid your post won't get much notice here, buried a few comment layers deep off the front page. It's unfortunate that you didn't provide this background with your question, because it would probably have led to a more interesting discussion.

Anyway, I think it has been sufficiently pointed out to you that the universe will come to an end if you equal divide by zero to zero. However, I do feel your frustration. I too work on reporting tools which have very unreliable inputs and making sure the program catches all the errors takes up a large chunk of my time. I have much respect for your position to try to cater to anyone.

Yet it would still be a very bad idea. You just can't know what people will do with your statistics, even though you don't think they are important at the time you make them available. Most likely they will make decissions based on your statistics (otherwise why would they want them) and when they're not correct things can go very bad.

As others pointed out, there are plenty of occasions where zero will be an acceptable solution, but this should always be a conscious decission.

Comment: Re:Yes (Score 3, Insightful) 1067 1067

Right, I don't even... ehh... totally confused. It's not aprils fools right? Did this article get approved just to mock the submitter, or has Slashdot gone totally of the rails? Ok don't answer that last question.

Maybe the submitter would care to submit an example of where he thinks it would be appropriate to equal divide by zero to zero, because I honestly don't know where to start.

Comment: Re:carsickness (Score 1) 435 435

Why would I be thinking about all that in a driverless car? I'll probably be playing a (tabletop) game with my family, enjoying dinner or watching a movie.

The car might want to see through other cars, but I suspect that is rather difficult for an AI anyway and it will probably just be communicating with the other cars about their positions.

Comment: Re:They trained their replacements (Score 1) 612 612

And that's the problem. They were overqualified, which usually means too expensive. Probably they were difficult as well. Taking sick days, complaining about their shift hours, demanding attention, hard to manage by the lower management.

In my opinion these are not acceptable reasons to replace someone, but for companies they sure are. You either need better laws, unions (ideally both), or deal with the consequences.

Comment: Re:Progressive Fix 101 (Score 1) 622 622

How does that even make sense? The same could be said for many regular cars. Most cars on the road are heavier than my car. Are all those drivers jerks? Besides, by the same logic all car drivers are jerks, because they put cyclists and pedestrians at risk for their comfort and convenience.

Comment: Disrespectful (Score 5, Insightful) 61 61

"Despite noise from a few yammerheads about Matt getting 'free advertising' on Slashdot, which is unlikely since the vast majority of Slashdot users are more likely to compete with him than to hire him, most of the people who saw that video (or read the transcript) knew he was giving helpful advice"

We've all read the comments of "what Slashdot has become". Although I do think it is on a slippery slope, I still enjoy most articles and comments and consider it a respectable site. But this article is a disgrace. Not because of the content. While I really don't care what mr Heusser has to say, I didn't really care about the 4K smartphone display either. So I just skip these articles.

But the trollish and rude editing is not what I expect from this site. Be respectful to all your readers. Don't call your readers yammerheads, even though you don't agree with their points. While some are trolling (don't feed them), others are honestly concerned. The rest of the phrasing is just as rude. Are you putting "free advertising" between quotes because it wasn't free? The other people who saw the video, who apparently didn't "know" mr Heusser was giving free advise, not your target demographic anymore?


Comment: Re:been there (Score 2) 22 22

I just got an LG phone (a budget model) and it works fine. However, it keeps nagging me to agree to a privacy agreement, which says LG will collect ALL my data and use it for ANYTHING they like including selling personally identifiable data to third parties and using it for advertising. I don't even want to use the preinstalled LG apps but the privacy agreement keeps coming up anyway.

Additionally it wants to do a system update which "will improve my experience". That's literally all it says. No details on what it will actually improve and no version number.

This annoys and worries me enough to skip LG next time I buy a phone.

Comment: Re:I'd expect lots of cross-over branding crap (Score 1) 208 208

You can buy packs of basic building blocks (LEGO classic). The creator, technic, city and even Minecraft sets also have a lot of generic bricks.

It's not really fair to compare a space ship against a dragon either. The dragon is very specific and has a lot of specialty blocks due to its organic nature. The Jedi interceptor for example still has plenty of generic blocks.

Besides all this, I play with my kids' LEGO almost as much as I played with my LEGO when I was a kid and I love the specialty blocks. It is still easy to dream up new creations and the "specialty" pieces aren't. They get repurposed just fine, but add a lot of variety.

And what's most important, my children have just as much fun with their LEGO as I had, and are just as inventive/creative, so I don't think anything of value was lost.

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