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Comment Re:broccoli? (Score 1) 256

My children like broccoli too. Actually they like all vegetables. I think it depends on the way they are prepared. A lot of people treat vegetables as a necessary evil which has to be boiled down to a mush and has to be eaten to be granted the reward of a big chunk of meat.

Don't get me wrong, I love meat. But I love vegetables too. You just have to prepare them well. For example broccoli is easy to overcook and you cannot keep it fresh for more than a few days.

Comment Solution (Score 1) 20

I'm not convinced that this solution works until I see it in Kerbal Space Program.

Also, I'm a bit dissapointed that the solution is presented as an animation which is constantly sped up and down and rotated and with music playing. I would have liked something a bit more scientific, for example a narrator explaining the most important events and HOW they actually reached this solution and why it is so special (better than the others).

Comment Re:quickly to be followed by self-driving cars (Score 1) 904

Although I own a car I never use it for shopping. I can pack one week of groceries for five people on my bike. Although I usually go shopping twice a week so I can eat more fresh food. If I need extra capacity I can take a family member to carry the rest. The shopping mall is two miles from my home, but I used to live in a different place where the nearest decent shops were 10 miles away. It never bothered me to go shopping by bike. Get some fresh air, exercise, relaxation and save on gas and parking.

Comment Re:Some data missing (Score 1) 183

Studded tyres are actually illegal to use here in The Netherlands. We don't get a lot of snow and in the high density areas the roads are salted everytime there is a notion of snow. Unlike most other european countries it isn't even required to use winter tyres during the winter.

Comment Re:Possible problems (Score 1) 183 (dutch)

They will experiment on how to add traction and say they might add sand or gravel if they can't solve this problem with just plastic. On the topic of degradation they claim that plastic is being used outdoors a lot already without problems. I am not sure if the circumstances are comparable though.

Comment Re:Expansion / Contraction? Damage? (Score 1) 183

These questions remain largely unanswered. It is mostly just an idea, I wouldn't even call it a concept just yet. There is more information in dutch here:

They claim it is weatherproof and can handle temperatures from -40 to +80 degrees Celcius, but I cannot find any science to back this up. They haven't worked out how to link the segments yet. No word about damage repair, but they do mention they want to use it for bicycle roads first. On the subject of fire they say they are looking into a fireproof coating (which I think is highly dubious).

Comment Re:why not crack down on the rioting protesters? (Score 1) 177

I thought I'd help out a bit and look it up. FACT: something said to be true or supposed to have happened. So it's a fact that the uber passenger experience is nicer, because Noah Haders said so, and I agree with him. The fact may be proven wrong, but that's beside the point. After all, we're just arguing semantics...

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 1067

I'm afraid your post won't get much notice here, buried a few comment layers deep off the front page. It's unfortunate that you didn't provide this background with your question, because it would probably have led to a more interesting discussion.

Anyway, I think it has been sufficiently pointed out to you that the universe will come to an end if you equal divide by zero to zero. However, I do feel your frustration. I too work on reporting tools which have very unreliable inputs and making sure the program catches all the errors takes up a large chunk of my time. I have much respect for your position to try to cater to anyone.

Yet it would still be a very bad idea. You just can't know what people will do with your statistics, even though you don't think they are important at the time you make them available. Most likely they will make decissions based on your statistics (otherwise why would they want them) and when they're not correct things can go very bad.

As others pointed out, there are plenty of occasions where zero will be an acceptable solution, but this should always be a conscious decission.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 3, Insightful) 1067

Right, I don't even... ehh... totally confused. It's not aprils fools right? Did this article get approved just to mock the submitter, or has Slashdot gone totally of the rails? Ok don't answer that last question.

Maybe the submitter would care to submit an example of where he thinks it would be appropriate to equal divide by zero to zero, because I honestly don't know where to start.

Comment Re:carsickness (Score 1) 435

Why would I be thinking about all that in a driverless car? I'll probably be playing a (tabletop) game with my family, enjoying dinner or watching a movie.

The car might want to see through other cars, but I suspect that is rather difficult for an AI anyway and it will probably just be communicating with the other cars about their positions.

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