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Comment: Not just science, history as well. (Score 1) 1252

by VeeCee (#31117586) Attached to: Texas Textbooks Battle Is Actually an American War
Keep in mind that it's not just creationism that Texas educators are trying to get into their textbooks. There is a strong push to rewrite current history textbooks to paint conservatism in a sympathetic light as well as to downplay the importance of the civil rights movement. Read more about it here

Comment: Greatest Health Care System EVA (Score 1) 1053

by VeeCee (#29136613) Attached to: US Life Expectancy May Have Peaked
All I can say is thank god we have so many people fighting against health care reform. Sure, the people with the 3rd world life expectancy might have access to preventitive health care that could bring them up to par with the dreaded Europe, but is it really worth giving in to Obama's death panel nazi plan just to save a few hundred thousand American lives??

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