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Comment: A Good Thing (Score 5, Interesting) 292

by VaticDart (#29884439) Attached to: Facebook To Preserve Accounts of the Dead
This is good. A friend of mine committed suicide a little over a year ago and her Facebook page is the primary place that people talk about her, both right after the event and at various marker points. It's nice to check in on her page and see if anyone has posted anything new when I'm thinking about her.

Comment: George Lucas? Really? (Score 1) 705

by VaticDart (#29091159) Attached to: "District 9" Best Sci-fi Movie of 09?
Wait, so we're still allowing George Lucas into the highest tier of sci-fi demigods? I was pretty sure he demoted himself down to 2nd tier, and that's granting him some charity between balancing the 1st trilogy, which he didn't get to make like he wanted, what with the surly actors and limited special effects, and the 2nd, which he got to make EXACTLY like he wanted.

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