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Comment: Re:Difficult Subject, but here's some advice (Score 2) 218

by Vasheron (#45762285) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Working With Others, As a Schizophrenic Developer?

Be very careful when you're manic...

Most bipolars when they're manic have no insight into the fact that they are manic. This allows them to gleefully destroy their lives without realizing that they are doing so. I know this because I am bipolar. The last time I was manic I quit my job, spent enough money to ensure bankruptcy, and committed a criminal offence. If you are bipolar and someone thinks you're displaying signs of mania, the best thing to do is go to the hospital.

+ - A pure HTML5 remake of the classic game Asteroids... With a twist!->

Submitted by Vasheron
Vasheron (1750022) writes "Introducing Goosteroids! What is grey goo you ask, and why are we destroying it? The answer is simple: Every second of everyday millions of people with smartphones and thousands of companies produce media that are super-pixelated and provide no value to the human race. Stock photos, CMS templates and pictures of last night's dinner are a few examples. We call this stuff grey goo. We must free humanity of the boring, mundane and useless. Climb aboard your laser-firing rocket ship and destroy grey goo forever! See the code on GitHub!"
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Comment: Re:The Invisible Unicorn Argument. (Score 1) 238

by Vasheron (#42263563) Attached to: Has the Mythical Unicorn of Materials Science Finally Been Found?
I can't believe this was modded insightful...

Yes it is crazy to believe in a pink invisible unicorn, because there simply isn't any evidence that one exists. Just as there isn't any evidence to suggest that God exists either. Claiming that God is somehow necessary for the universe to come into existence is not evidence, because there are other possibilities and nobody knows for certain which is correct. If you want a plausible alternative look up some of the various multiverse hypotheses.

Furthermore, if something has to be created in order for it to exist then what created God? Did God create himself? Did he always exist? Does he exist outside of space and time? If any of these are possibilities for God, then why not for some other natural mechanism?

Comment: Re:May I be the first to say (Score 1) 182

I sorta got the impression that they were mocking the Caligula of the Far East who's doing the subjugating. The US gubmint isn't going to remove him, because he doesn't have any oil, so this is pretty much all we can do.

Why does it always have to be the US that must remove these insane dictators? We fought our revolution and civil wars, now fight yours!

And exactly how do you think that's going to work. We're talking about a starving, unarmed populace, most of whom have been thoroughly brainwashed and are terrified by the secret police. How does somebody start a revolution in that kind of environment?

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