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Comment Re:Cheaper? (Score 1) 42 42

Given the FTDI debacle, I think that their claim is correct. If you buy some chinese "arduino" using a fake FTDI and it gets bricked by the FTDI driver, Arduino don't want people turning against him saying "look, your boards don't work".

You may call it Induino (as some Chinese clones do), you may say it's Arduino compatible, the only restriction is that you may not say it's an Arduino unless aproved by Arduino project... seems quite fair to me...

Comment Re:This is not Arduino (Score 3, Informative) 42 42

You should care because what made Arduino's success is it's software and numerous libraries, work of a whole community that is being stolen by SRL.

Arduino SRL don't have much community support so you will probably only see real improvements on LLC side...

As a matter of fact, when you look at both github projects, you will see the respective commits :
- new firmware for Yùn
- rebranding (removing of references to

that's nearly all changes
- new "plugin" system to add boards easily... Think of these Digispark, ESP8266, Galileo, Edison, ... which until now required special builds of Arduino IDE
- many bugfixes (including regression from 1.5.3, still not fixed in's IDE)
- beter support for using old code in new IDE ...

In other words, in the long term, will be the loser... Even if they "win" at court, will only have to change it's name and people will follow... You can't expect any good community support for product... And if you're using Arduino instead of bare-bone Atmel AVR, it's because of the software (and the numerous libraries and other), not because Arduino is "superior"...

Comment Re:Is this an Arduino product? (Score 2) 42 42

If you go to on, you may find early boards which bear the name Arduino but
- don't bear Martino's name (the guy behind Smartprojects SRL which since renamed to Arduino SRL and opened
- bear the name of two other founders which are behind (which exists since the beginning) and Arduino.LLC
- bear the name Arduino which proves that the name Arduino was used before involvment of Smart Projects

So, I think the case is pretty clear : Smart Project is hijacking the name Arduino in bad faith, trying to steal the work of a whole community for his own profit. The fact that it acted so when was beginning to allow other companies to build arduino boards (for example for US Market) give a clear motivation for doing so...

Comment They are afraid of copyright suit (Score 1) 257 257

Their secret knock (knock pause knock pause knock knock knock) is very likely to be the main rythme of some song...

As such, it can be seen as a copyright violation of that song... And phi sigma sigma could be liable for damage to that song author...

So, they try to get that hidden as fast as possible before some musician recognize his own property.

Comment Bitcoin is doomed (Score 1) 72 72

First, a reminder on how bitcoin works :

When you make a transaction, it has to be validated. To validate it, you've to solve an increasingly difficult mathematical problem.

The more transactions are done, the more work will be needed to validate it... it scale up with both time AND number of people using Bitcoins.

Doing these validation cost to the people doing it (called the miners). To compensate for the work needed, a small amount of bitcoin is given to the one who validate the transaction... Somehow, the transaction is not
Account A -= amount
Account B += amount

Account A -= amount
Account B += amount
Account C += minerbonus

At first, mining was quite easy and didn't require huge amount of hardware and electricity. With time, it took more and more time to mine some bitcoin and systems more and more expensive... This has been levelled with the bitcoin value rising and the constitution of mining pools.

But when we will continue, and with the more widespread use of Bitcoins, we'll reach a time when transactions will takes days, weeks, months to ba validated... We'll reach a time when the minerbonus won't compensate even remotely for the mining effort... Miners will stop mining, making the transactions even longer to validate... And who wants a currency which needs months to have a simple transfert validated ?

Somehow, bitcoins is not far from Ponzi schemes and pyramidal schemes... early adopters have seen their bitcoin wallet's value increase more and more... late adopters will buy a currency which will drop to 0-value in the future...

Comment Re:Nokia (Score 2) 245 245

Everytime I read about this non-sense about Android, I think about Apple.

- No competitng app store possible
- App competing with Apple removed from Apple App Store without any explanation
- iTunes locks similar to Google Account but made worse by supra
- Inability to install 3rd party firmware (cyanogen or other) ...

Why don't EU first attack the worst offender ?

Comment Re:Public Key Cryptography is the key... (Score 1) 200 200

There is no way you could remember a 4096 bits RSA key... Anyone in court will agree
If the files are encrypted using someone else's private key, there is no way that you can know or have that key... you only have the public key available. This could also be easily established in a court... You can't give out something that you never had access to in the first place...
The only more "sensible" part is about your private key that you didn't take with you... Even then, if they don't require you explicitely to have that key on your computer, they can't require that you hand it to you...

The one time pad idea is clearly an attempt to fold the system. You had to take the extra steps of generate it, split it in two parts, ... This is far more likely to send you to jail than not taking with you the USB-key on which your private key is stored...

Comment Public Key Cryptography is the key... (Score 1) 200 200

You want to bring some document to someone IN NZ, ask him to send you his PUBLIC key.
You want to be able to bring some document OUT OF NZ, keep your PUBLIC key on your computer.

And have NO PRIVATE KEY with you...

When asked to decrypt, you're just mathematically unable to do so... And any computer expert will be able to confirm what you say.

If enough people take that way, they'll eventually understand that it's futile to require password.

Comment Re:Sorry They're Changing (Score 1) 572 572

Except that this driver which disables the clones is only there for less than one month... before you had no way of detecting if the chip was a fake or not... Maybe even FTDI didn't know until recently when they found out that "write-check" weakness...

So, you may have been in business for years, sold hundred of thousand devices with the clone with no way to detect it... until this recent driver update...

Comment Re:Alternatives? Same problem.. (Score 1) 572 572

You should say to the buyer of a 1000$+ 3D Printer that if it's expensive tool stops to work, it's because a 2$ clone of a 3$ chip disabled by a driver update...

Do you open your printer and check the marking on all chips to see if any of them is a counterfeit ?

Don't forget that we are not speaking about a finished product (the 3D printer *IS* genuine) but a very small part inside of it... among many other similar small parts...

And no company is safe when it's about counterfeited components... Do you remind the Capacitor debacle with ASUS motherboards ?

I'm not even sure that refusing to work with a clone would be a valid solution...

Comment Re:Alternatives? Same problem.. (Score 1) 572 572

Their use of FTDI VID/PID is a way of saying "use the same driver than this device" and definitively not representing as an FTDI chip.

On the other way, many of these clones have printings that mimic the one of a genuine FTDI chip (same logo/reference number/...) and THAT is counterfeiting.

But they are free to make a clone, with a different printing, a different reference ("XXCloner CFT232R" for example) exposing the same VID/PID... they won't be authorized to use the USB certified logo (neither would the finished product). But if they are not pretending to be a FT232R from FTDI, it's definitively not counterfeilting.

VID/PID spoofing can't even be said as a way to breach copyright at the driver level as there are free drivers (Linux for example) that use the same VID/PID pair.

You may compare that VID/PID problem with Ethernet addresses... the first 3 bytes make a number assigned to a specific manufacturer. But lmots of hardware allow to change the ethernet address using another vendor number. It's very often seen in routers and Wifi-routers where it allows to show on the WAN port the Ethernet address of some LAN computer.

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