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Comment: Re:Democracy is... (Score 1) 1277

by VShael (#35435836) Attached to: Utah To Teach USA is a Republic, Not a Democracy

Actually, sheep generally vastly outnumber the wolves. Sheep being the poor, lower to middle classes. Wolves being the Corporations and the wealthy.

Democracy is the wealthy 1% and the middle/low 99% deciding what's a fair share of the tax burden.

Since that clearly doesn't happen, no, it's not a Democracy.

Comment: Re:WHOAH Nelly (Score 1) 296

by VShael (#35229860) Attached to: US Gov't Mistakenly Shuts Down 84,000 Sites

But the DHS only used terrorism as a reason for its creation.

The truth is that terrorism is such a very very minor ACTUAL threat, it could never justify the creation of such an agency.

So obviously, they have to use it elsewhere.

If only people would remember this sort of thing, everytime the government demands extraordinary powers to combat terrorism/pedophiles etc... It will always be used elsewhere.

Comment: Re:I sincerly hope (Score 1) 255

by VShael (#34997394) Attached to: Third of Content On Popular BT Portals Are Fake

Actually, even on The Pirate Bay, a fake torrent can get listed with thousands of seeders.

The thing is, the company the MPAA are outsourcing this pirate hunt to, aren't the brightest.

They'll create torrents for Iron Man 3, or The Walking Dead episode 1x07 or something.

And they'll create a dozen torrents with thousands of seeders each, in under 10 minutes.

It's really really not difficult to avoid fakes.

And yeah, anyone who downloads software from a Torrent site, is asking to be owned.

Comment: Re:Creeping Mysticism (Score 1) 810

by VShael (#34789142) Attached to: Running Your Own Ghost Investigation?

As a society, we're reverting back to superstition and ignorance.

Oh please. Something like 90% of Americans still believe in God for pities sake. And I highly doubt that the slashdot readership is entirely immune to that particular superstition either.

The enlightenment was over 200 years ago. It never really took off in America.

Comment: Re:That's Not What The Article Says (Score 1) 775

by VShael (#34572198) Attached to: First-Sale Doctrine Lost Overseas

This is the point where, as a people, globally, we just need to stand up and kill the top 3% of the people running the planet that have these stupid ideas.

The sheep and cattle have never risen up to slay the farmer.

The sheepdog ensures that they stay in a pack, easily led.
Any sheep that gets ideas, is nipped by the dog.
If it still gets ideas, it is torn to pieces by the dog.

Make it right before you make it faster.