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Comment: Re:This was not very good, Ubuntu (Score 1) 271

by VJTod (#26504979) Attached to: Ubuntu's Laptop Killing Bug Fixed
Thinkpad T43, daily use.  I've had the laptop at least 3.5 years, but this is my second hard drive.

SmartCTL shows his drive is at 727231.  I didn't renew my warranty after three years.  My first replacement was covered.

Unlike vista, Win7 is actually pretty snappy on this machine, but I'm more comfortable here back in Ubuntu.

Comment: Even simple HTML can crash IE8 (Score 5, Informative) 271

by VJTod (#26145471) Attached to: A First Look At Internet Explorer 8 RC1
This simple HTML still crashes Beta2.  It will probably still crash the RTM.  This was a trick I found back in 2002.  I had reported it somewhere, but obviously nowhere important.

<td><div style="width:100%;height:100%"/></td>
<span style="height:100%;width:50%">></td>
<span style="height:100%;width:50%">></td>
<td><div style="width:100%;height:100%"/></td>

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