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Comment: Re: News for nerds (Score 1) 866 866

Persons who believe in science have substituted Newton's laws and the periodic table for religious/spiritual principles, which just doesn't work. It seemingly gives them a framework that allows them freedom from the encumbrances of morals or ethics. But those encumbrances are part of being human, and without them these persons are just shits.

That's an awfully broad brush you're using there, Will. Are all religious persons this narrow minded? Do you see what I did there?

Comment: Re:marketing (Score 5, Insightful) 101 101

Hah, you'd be surprised. "All that encryption stuff just gets in my way. I'm an important person. Just make it work."

Then you have to clean off all the shit from their laptop when they get back. Or worse, they copied their files to their personal laptop and then took that because it's "easier."

And how dare a lowly IT admin tell the VP of R&D that what they want is dangerous and stupid.

Comment: Re:Finance (Score 2) 158 158

This is the correct answer. If you help the Finance team reduce cost you're their best friend.
Automate some processes and remove 5 or 6 hours from the Month End Closeout and you have people who will always have your back.

Always, always make sure your report balances back to the Finance team's number.

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