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Comment: Re:Recall only when something blows up! (Score 1) 110

by Userfaulty (#16010364) Attached to: Dell Battery Recall- Win for the Web
A while ago the site that I am working at had the same problem. We have over 1800+ Dell GX270's and 280's. When we first discovered the problem Dell tech support didn't know who we were and treated us pretty crappy. Once Dell found out that we had such a large contract with them, they sent a team of 10 contractors and 2000+ motherboards and replaced every single motherboard in the building regardless of which capacitors were on the boards. Of the 1800+ motherboards I would say that we had maybe 1300+ that had the Nichicons. I can't stand Dell's tech support and the only thing that lets me stand the company as a whole is that they gave us Dell Certified Tech status and can order parts off their website without having to go through tech support.

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