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Comment: Re:I have a slight problem with this... (Score 1) 92

by Unknown Relic (#42043331) Attached to: Facebook Switching To HTTPS By Default
Facebook used to allow apps/games to optionally provide a secure URL to be used when a user was logged in via https but it was up to the developer to determine if https was supported or not. Because SSL = the need to purchase a certificate many did not, but it's now required that a secure URL be provided.

Comment: Re:The Product Management for VS says it's not tru (Score 1) 205

by Unknown Relic (#36186614) Attached to: Confirmed: Microsoft Says It Will Open Source VB 6

And the person who broke the "news" wasn't even trying to pretend it was true.!/RoyOsherove/status/71334987152101376
@RoyOsherove here's a more official video of announcement of VB6 going open source from #msteched

Comment: Re:Theater manager (Score 5, Informative) 705

The MPAA gives a $500 reward to theater employees who assist in the arrest/charging of someone who is caught recording a film. So yes, a jerk, but because he wanted his blood money. It's the same situation as that girl who recorded a few seconds of Transformers a couple years back.

Comment: Amazon already addressed ths problem (Score 5, Informative) 183

by Unknown Relic (#29706617) Attached to: Why Cloud Storage Is Lousy For Enterprises (and Individuals)

For a while now they've had their AWS Import/Export service. It's still in beta and only available to people in the US, but it won't stay that way forever.

Need to transfer 1TB of data? Mail Amazon the data on a drive, they load it, send you the device back. Sure beats uploading for 3 month with a cable modem. Have more data than that? You can send them up to an 8U drive enclosure, and more than that if you make special arrangements.

Comment: Re:An example of cameras in our town (Score 1) 440

by Unknown Relic (#28429225) Attached to: Crowdsourcing Big Brother In Lancaster, PA
While I don't advocate the approach they used to get the cameras in place, surely catching drunk drivers as they're leaving the pub isn't a bad thing? Hell, given all the press on just how useless cameras are at preventing crime, it seems using them to catch drunk drivers is probably just about all they're actually good for.

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