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by Unipuma (#46355183) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Do You Still Trust Bitcoin?

As a currency it is just as trustworthy as any other imaginary money system. It's value is highly speculative, like the NYSE. Nobody really trusts the NYSE just as you shouldn't trust the value of BitCoin.

And this is basically the sad thing about the economy. Stock used to represent real value that a business had: The ground it stood on, the buildings it owned, it's warehouse stock, it's patents, the knowledge of the people working for it.
That has all changed into how much another fool will pay for it. If you look at the net-bubble of 2001, ISPs were being valued based on the number of subscribers to their service, times an imaginary amounts that investors though those subscriptions should be worth. However, it was never really backed by anything, other than some hope that another sucker would buy their calculation and be willing to pay even more for the same stock.

It would be nice if stocks could go back to what they were for: Investors believing in a company and supporting it by trading a percentage of that company's capital for an injection of money. Not like gambling in a casino or with art where you hope some other sucker is willing to pay more for imaginary value in the future than you did. Also my problem with intellectual property, it's usually based on imagined value, instead of actual proven value.

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Strange, when I look back into the comments icebike, I find general comments on all kinds of articles, nothing Android or Apple specific.
Going through your history however, I see almost half is about iOS and Android, and you do seem to have a somewhat strong bias towards iOS.

I think you're confused about who the fanboy is here.

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by Unipuma (#41361303) Attached to: iPhone 5 Scorns Standards Promise To European Commission

Actually, if you watch the video, you see that these are people who compare it to the current version (which is also the 4S) and make up all kinds of things about it.
Most of them state that it is better than the one they -have-, one of them even specifically says he has an iPhone 4S, and that this one (the supposed 5) is better.

So yes, the video does indeed show current iPhone users being silly and not even noticing that they are holding the same phone that they already own, but still thinking it is faster, lighter, better.

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If you look into where Agile came from, you will see that it is a collection of best practices and insights gathered since the 60s. Agile is just a collection of common sense, nothing more, nothing less.

Everyone implementing it as a 'thou shallt...' way of working, does not understand agile.

Key focus is:
- release early and often, so you get good feedback
- TALK to your customer (and to your teammates), don't assume some email of document captures what they mean
- improve your process if you find somthing isn't working, don't just continue with rituals and procedures because someone said so.

Yes, this asks of a certain mindset from both team and customer. But if they didn't have that mindset to begin with, no matter what method you use, you will fail.

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by Unipuma (#39245225) Attached to: Have We Lost Our Privacy To the Internet?

You do realize that targeted advertising can be to your detriment as well, right?

Because if a company knows more about you, they can also find out how much you are willing to pay for their goods and services, and tailor their prices to your profile. Which could also mean they raise the price they show to you, if you have a good income. It's called dynamic pricing, and you can be sure that central database will feed into the algorithms.

+ - Apple behind patent troll which is suing all mobil->

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dell623 writes "Techcrunch have posted a story about the patent troll company Digitude Innovations that recently filed suit with ITC suing all major mobile manufacturers except Apple. It turns out DI is a patent accumulating and licensing company and the patents it is using to sue were owned by Apple until recently before being transferred via a shell company. The patents in question are typical software patents that could be said to be infringed by every smartphone."
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by Unipuma (#38235708) Attached to: AT&T Issues Scathing Response To FCC Report

A huge part of what we pay for PCs is Windows. If we had more competition there we certainly would see lower prices.

Actually, no. Currently, the cost of the Windows license for an OEM is (more than) offset by the kickback that OEMs receive for pre-installing crap/bloatware on the new machine.
It has actually gotten so bad that some machines without Windows are actually -more expensive- because they can't pre-install bloatware on it.

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