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Comment: What Intellectual Property? (Score 1) 395 395

There can be no patent on a games and the copyright on the board must be pretty narrow - certainly does not cover the essentials of the game.

The only legitimate complaint could be the title but that is going to be tough.

I REALLY hope Scrabulous kicks their butt in court.


Science Daily: How Our Ancestors Were Like Gorillas->

Some of our closest extinct relatives had more in common with gorillas than previously thought. Fossils illustrate sex differences in growth and the costs of being a male. One of the anthropologists said "When we examined fossils from 1.5 to 2 million years ago we found that in one of our close relatives the males continued to grow well into adulthood, just as they do in gorillas. This resulted in a much bigger size difference between males and females than we see today."
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Science Daily: Insulin Regulates The Secretion Of The Anti-aging Hormome Klotho->

Scientists were surprised to find that insulin, a hormone usually associated with diabetes, significantly increases the levels of secreted Klotho, an anti-aging hormone. The reason this finding is important is because excess insulin has been previously implicated in a biochemical pathway that is associated with a decreased life span and elevated oxidative stress.
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