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Comment: Re:Pertinent part of the article (Score 1) 187

by Unbeliever (#35565440) Attached to: Dutch Radio Geek Tracking Libyan Airstrikes
You misinterpret the ICAO requirement. It only states that English be made available and be spoken proficiently on both the pilot and controller side. It does not say it must be used. "shall demonstrate language proficiency" not "shall be used". Find me a quote in 164 that says "English shall be used." You can't.

The first sentence "Therefore, pilots on international flights shall demonstrate language proficiency in either English or the language used by the station on the ground."

In other words, if you don't speak the local language, English is the default for both sides, that way a German pilot in Russia can drop to English if he or she doesn't speak Russian. Or he can use Russian if he knows it.


Comment: Re:! surprising (Score 1) 762

by Unbeliever (#29801691) Attached to: Car Glass Rules Could Impair Cell, GPS and Radio Signals In CA

You haven't bought a car in California recently?

There are Prop 65 stickers on car windows already. "This car contains and is manufactured with stuff that gives you cancer."

I bought a car a month ago and that sticker didn't even make it off the lot before I took it off. One on the driver's side and one on the passenger side.

Comment: Re:Burnt out (Score 1) 357

by Unbeliever (#27536467) Attached to: How Does Flash Media Fail?

You'd have to have a hell of a lot of built-up voltage to jump through the plastic casing, through the air gap to the non-grounded metal on the PC board, and then from there across the air gap to the USB grounding shield.

It's not the direct zap from your finger, it's the induced charge.

You're negatively charged, and hold one end of the USB stick. The EM field you are generating pushes all the positive charge to the other end of the stick. Usually the USB plug.

Your stick approaches the USB port, which is neutral and/or grounded and the positive end of the USB stick discharges through whatever you plugged it into.

It is even worse with grounded materials. Bring a positive charge near something grounded, and all the positive charges run away into the ground. Unground the device when the positive charged object is still around and now your device is net negatively charged. Plug that device into something and *zap*, ESD.

Comment: Re:Store small, high-value secrets (Score 2, Informative) 546

by Unbeliever (#27138485) Attached to: What To Do With Old USB Keys, Low-Capacity Hard Drives?

Since Perl is pretty loosely typed, Once it overflows its int type, it'll become a float type, then it'll just keep growing till it hits infinity.

Or until, in float, you run out of precision in the mantissa so that you can't fit 1 and the number in the same range. The proverbial 3000000000000000 + 1 = 3000000000000000.

For IEEE754 32 bit float, that's about 24 bits worth of float, so about 16,777,216 is the biggest for single precision float.

#include <stdio.h> int main(void) { int i; float j = 16777210; for (i = 0; i &lt 10; i++) { printf("%f\n", j); j = j + 1; } return 0; }












Note the saturation at 216.


+ - A Wife's Fight against Corruption in India->

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cryant writes "Fearing for her husband's life, an IAS officer's wife in India does the un-obvious — she "Blogs" in an attempt to create a human shield through awareness over the Internet. (IAS: Indian Administrative Service — a highly coveted genre of candidates serving the highest Civil Service position's in India, something akin to the Secretary positions in the USA) From the NY Times story: "As her husband made powerful enemies, Ms. Jayashree began to fear for his life. And so she devised an unusual ploy to protect him: she blogged. In the YouTube era, she reasoned, it is harder to kill a man who has a bit of Internet renown." "In a 2005 study, it concluded that Indians pay more than $5 billion a year in bribes.""
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+ - Dell Plugs the Analog Hole via Vista Drivers

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Dr_Xadium writes "For months, irate Dell customers whose computers ship with a Sigmatel audio chipset have complained that line-in / microphone monitoring (the feature on that lets you listen to what passing through your soundcard from an external source on your speakers (like when you run your TV through your card's input to take advantage of its 5.1 surround decoder) has been completely disabled in software, using their Vista drivers to basically remove a feature that has been a stock part of soundcard technology for almost 20 years. Dell even tried to claim that line-in monitoring was an "advanced feature" and that it wouldn't be supported on "low-end" soundcards, but quickly backpedaled. Users have resorted to using drivers from rival hardware manufacturer LG or hacking the Vista registry to try and reclaim the functionality that no one ever expected to lose. Unfortunately, the solution doesn't work for everyone, and even though the hardware itself supports monitoring, users are left in the dark as Dell continually promises to provide a revised driver which re-enables monitoring but fails to deliver, even going so far as to suggest users use the WinXP driver instead (which also doesn't work for everyone) Is Dell dragging its feet or tacitly co-operating in a plan to close the "analog hole?" Will we see more actions like this from other OEMs in the future?"
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+ - Toledo Police Cruisers to accept sponsorship->

Submitted by Mahtar
Mahtar (324436) writes "The Police Dept. of The City of Toledo, OH, recently began a campaign soliciting businesses to place ads upon new squad cars for 15,000 USD per car. Ostensibly to offset the costs of a new fleet; two such 'sponsorships' buys a single cruiser. Thus far, at least two accounts — an atty. and a local retail business — have signed up. "We are probably going to go ahead and put the ads for these businesses on the left and right rear quarter panels of the new cars when they come in," the chief said. The ads themselves are 3ft. x 1ft. and will be placed next to the "911" markers. These Miranda Rights brought to you by Big Jim's Criminal Defense Madhouse. Let Big Jim save you from Big Blue!"
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