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Comment But that's wrong. (Score 1) 1067

Dividing by zero *should* crash your program.

What if you were depending on the result of that division to determine which function to call.

if(x == 0) doThis();
else doThat();

An incorrect result of 0 could lead to unpredictable results, which is bad for a program. It's better to make sure your input is clean so it doesn't come up in the first place.

Comment Re:I wonder how this would be for software develop (Score 2) 47

Not quite yet. Text isn't very legible.

11 pixels per degree is what you see get by looking through the Rift Dev Kit 2
19 pixels per degree will be what to expect from a theoretical 4K Rift with Field of View like the Dev Kit 2
48 Pixels per degree will be close to what you see looking at a 24" 1080p monitor

So you'd probably need at least an 8K display to get close to the quality of a monitor.

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