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Comment Condolences (Score 1) 411

Kudos for a great, generations-inspiring life, he will be welcomed by a cheering crowd out there. Condolences to all family, friends and fans. In the meantime I could not but look into the way the universe is opening to us and exclaim "fascinating."

Comment Re:Electric. (Score 1) 659

My first laptop was a noisy brick with a 486 chip, 8 MB ram, 800x600 px res., 1 hour battery life max., cant remember hard drive size, DOS/win3.1 :). I am writing this on a silent laptop, 16GB Ram, 2880x1800 px res. with 8 hours of battery life, and SSD storage. OSX 10.9.3. We as collective did this. We learn the laws of nature. If it does not exist, we invent it. If it does work, we improve it. I am enthusiastic!. Development is accelerating, cars drive themselves now. Using mainly dino-corpse to power our hi-tech gadgets is antagonistic to the direction we are taking. Solar and wind work but they are toys, we need more terawatts, we are working on it. I won`t bet on when or who is going to do this, but it is coming, as I see over-unity devices popping up everywhere. It reminds me of the computer fairs of old.

Comment Re:Electric. (Score 2) 659

Electric! Electric! I have one electric car and I like it like no other car I have had. The problem is that all those mechanical engineers do not do volts and amps so they are struggling to give us something they can do, but it is just a matter of time before there is a breakthrough in battery or power supply technology, like this for ex (300 miles of power) which was just announced: http://powerjapanplus.com/inde...

Comment An idea (Score 1) 176

Here is my idea: Automatic vacuum cleaners search for their charging spot before running out of power. Do apply this "search for power" to a car, something like this: You park your car on top of a simple robotic charger (it can even take control of the car when in very close proximity), the charger looks for your cars contacts, negotiates a secret token, the car opens its contacts, and the charger plugs to it with proper hi-power copper plugs. No noisy, cancer producing, water boiling wireless charging, and full efficiency. Once charge is done, it disconnect and everything goes to sleep. Want to have better climate inside your car before you go? Push the button on your mobile, and the robot (re)connects and supplies the power for the air conditioning. Want to leave before charging is done? No problem, push the power button long enough and the charger unplugs, returns vehicle control to the driver and "off" you go! :D

Comment Re:Never (Score 1) 606

The only possibility to avoiding crashing in the air with other "car" would be to give the control to a super cyber, and the machine itself as a backup. I estimate that if we actually wake up as as society, it would not take us more than 20 years to accomplish this. Check out how there are already BMWs driving around race tracks maximum speed without driver intervention, check out how they are equipped with radars so they do not collision against other object, and also check out how they can help the driver already in a dangerous situation. Who wouldn`t like to arrive faster to a destination by downloading from a central computer the optimum route (anonymously for those who care about privacy)?. We are sitting on a whole lot of techno that needs to be put to good use, independent of the decisions of for-profit corps.

Comment Re:The anthropic cop-out (Score 2) 344

The unusual circumstance is that we are indeed in a time-bubble. We live in an alternate time, and it is coming to an end (Jesus explained it as the end of TIMES, he new there was more than one time).
Think about this situation as an spiral moving upward (the real time) and another one, which finally blends in (the alternate time), and I guess you know when that date is. It pleases me how science confirms this information, and others, time after time.

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