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Electronic Frontier Foundation

Submission + - EFF Announces New Patent Reform Project-> 2 2

olsmeister writes: On Tuesday, the Electronic Frontier Foundation announced its "Defend Innovation" project, which includes seven proposals for software patent reform. These proposals include things like shorter coverage for software patents, and a requirement to demonstrate running code for each claim in the patent.
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Submission + - Senator Tells Apple and Google to "Curb your spy planes"-> 1 1

mk1004 writes: US Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) has written both companies regarding their use of "military-grade spy planes." The Senator claims concerns ranging from voyeurism to terrorism. Suggested protections: Warn when areas are going to be imaged, give property
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Comment Re:Nice idea... Won't happen. (Score 1) 205 205

To where they can easily evade the restrictive patents owned by others and still profit from their 'ingenuity'.

Why do you think the majority of the movie industry is located in Hollywood?
Because they wanted to put as much distance as possible between them and the Motion Picture Patents Company / Edison Trust, located in New Jersey.

1000 pains = 1 Megahertz