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Comment: Early Morning Posters == Ex-Military Apologists (Score 0) 249

by Ulthanash (#46989543) Attached to: US Navy Develops World's Worst E-reader
It looks like the early risers are former military that like to justify the stupidity. That's why military intelligence is an oxymoron. The military has been developing unusable systems for hundred of years. Does anybody remember the matchlock? I'm sure there is somebody in the military that fonly remembers the matchlock. The Navy has been working on this project for 10+ years. The evil contractor that has been developing this piece of junk finally got the cranky admirals to sign off on it. The "no updates" rule is most likely a kludge to get around the fact that they could not figure out a way to securely update the device that made everybody happy. I can hear the admiralty discussing the issues, "When I was a sailor we didn't have room for a library on board. All I had was a Bible and that was good enough me!" The rest of the admirals agreed with a heary "hoo-ah!"

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