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Comment: Missing the point (Score 2) 786

by UbuntuniX (#43640929) Attached to: Microsoft's "New Coke" Moment?
I'm a full time Linux user and admittedly a basher of windows, but I am generally quite impressed with windows 8. The tiled environment, though different, is something I could get used to. The problem is they've missed the point of it; when you still have to go to a traditional desktop to do pretty much anything, why bother?

Comment: Not the first time (Score 1) 386

by UbuntuniX (#42730195) Attached to: Feedback On Simcity Gets User Banned From EA Forums
They did the same thing with Command & Conquer 4, and what a resounding success that was. Bought it for less than a tenner not long after release, and due to the mandatory connection among other annoyances, I have still played it for less than one hour. This company is just superb at destroying excellent games. Of course, it will only become worse when they completely drop support for these games like the many others; I guess you won't be able to play them at all?

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