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+ - Hackers Make the Appellate Case for Weev

Submitted by USSJoin
USSJoin (896766) writes "Andrew Auernheimer (or Weev, as he's often better known) is serving a 41-month sentence under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. The case is currently on appeal to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals; his lawyer filed the appellate brief last week. Now, a group of 13 security researchers, led by Meredith Patterson, and including include Peiter "Mudge" Zatko, Space Rogue, Jericho, Shane MacDougall, and Dan Kaminsky, are making their own thoughts heard by the court. They are submitting a brief to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals that argues that not only is Weev's conviction bad law, but if upheld, it will destroy independent security research, and perhaps the rest of consumer safety research as well. (Disclaimer: I am one member of the group.)"
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+ - Reputation "Stock Market" to Value Your Fr->

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USSJoin writes "Mnikr is a new system to determine an Internet reputation by buying and selling "reputation shares," which pay dividends of goodwill that can be invested in more reputations. It's an experiment suggested by Charles Stross, and the people to be bought and sold are formed by taking all their social network accounts from across the Internet, automatically. There's a writeup on the project, and a code for some starting points, here."
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