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Comment: Re:Renewable versus fossil - where is nuclear? (Score 0) 281 281

Talking about managing it better sounds good but we still don't have public information tell us how much previous mistakes have affected our world. E.G Japan. Chernobyl.

Odd massive warm section off the coast, wonder what caused that? And the radioactive water dropped into the ocean? We may have long term affects on our food chain that we're not yet aware of.

It's a risk. Other renewable energy sources might be a better choice because it can be distributed power. Everyone can invest in their own power if it becomes efficient and cheap enough, it's almost there and is there for a lot of people already.

It's better than investing all our resources into a single power distributor, which if there are problems, we all have problems.

Comment: Neat (Score 1) 118 118

I can use it as the only way to get into my secret island fortress?

Emergencies could potential use them, but smaller and lighter for a single person, or it needs to be able to carry at least a second passenger, so you're looking at 300-500 lbs carry weight to be truly useful. Then in hard to reach places, they can actually bring someone down.

Comment: Re:This will be fun... (Score 1) 59 59

There's a difference between the capability to do something, and being in position ready to do it on a moments notice.

It's very obvious when a shuttle is launched currently. Tracking objects that are already out there becomes more difficult, especially when you might be able to track their satellite repair/capture facility, it's much more difficult to track smaller objects, like small probes they could launch from their to screw with other satellites. There's no shuttle launch so that you can monitor it and it's potential payload.

If there was a launch and it goes near a sat, you have reasonable suspicion, and you would be monitoring it.
If something happens during a quiet time, it's much harder to tell if it was just a failure.

Comment: Re:Streisand Effect.? (Score 1) 190 190

Or this was the intended effect in the first place. IMAX simply wanted some publicity.

Cliche: It's better to have bad publicity than no publicity.

And I don't know if this would be called bad even, it's not that big of a deal, IMAX only said, don't do that please, and they're getting a ton of attention.

Comment: Re:This will be fun... (Score 2) 59 59

China: NASA. What are you doing up there? Our satellite stop working
NASA: It's okay, it was broken. We are fixing it.
China: It was working fine before.
NASA: We're making it better. It's been put back in orbit.
China: It doesn't work at all now!
NASA: Yes, we think it's better this way.

NASA: Hey Russia, we're coming to provide some "free repairs"

Comment: So many traps (Score 1) 124 124

It's a real shame, there are some things the start off so beautiful but I feel get perverted with dollar signs in people's eyes.

It's one thing to advertise, but then put fake download buttons all over the place for things you aren't looking for?
That's almost as bad as if someone slipped in groceries you didn't want to buy before checkout.

It really ruins trust when companies behave this way. We didn't always use adblockers once upon a time, it wasn't bad enough to create enough of a need.
Everyone was okay with some ads, we respected that these companies need a way to make some money.

But now you can't trust the ads even if you were actually interested in what they're selling.

Comment: As usual, all money belongs to them. (Score 1) 301 301

First off. People rip CDs for personal use anyway, it hasn't stopped, no one cares that they aren't supposed to. In fact in many countries I believe legal backups for personal use is allowed.

Second, they shouldn't be allowed to try and demand more money because we listen to their music on a different device. E.G CD player or mp3 player.
If we purchased the content, it's none of your fucking business what device I choose to listen to it on.

Third, all they're really trying to do is get money for content no one wants or buys anymore. E.G Taxes on blank CDs. I personally don't know anyone who copies a ton of music to cds anymore. I personally don't have a CD rom at the moment, but when I do I use it for long term backups of things I can't replace, like family videos.

Since when are they entitled to make money off of that?

Comment: Re:I would drop them like a fucking rock (Score 1) 122 122


I originally heard it would be used for solicitation of services. If people starting getting phone call based ads for services or other junk, a lot of people would not want to use paypal.

Someone else said it was to do with collections, so it depends on the nature of the robo calls I would assume.

Comment: I would drop them like a fucking rock (Score 4, Interesting) 122 122

Right now I use them for my payment gateway and online transactions.

If paypal demanded I receive robo calls on my fucking phone line as part of their fucking service, as someone who has been completely happy with paypal up to that point, I'd drop them like the biggest fucking rock into the biggest fucking ocean with a large karploosh like someone taking a giant shit and flushing it down the fucking toliet.

It's bad enough that ads all over visually and sometimes audio ads on webpages. You think my person communication device for talking to people I know is another platform for fucking advertisements? Fuck you you fucking bastards, I'd close my fucking account so fucking fast.

It would be the god damn end of paypal. Everyone would switch back to using their CC online or another provider would step in and paypal would hopefully be permanently fucked hard.

If anything they'd piss me off so fucking much that I would personally find each paypals employee phone numbers for their cell phones and robo call the fuck out of it, Always going "Do you like this? How do you fucking like it? I say you agreed to it by annyoing the piss out of me. Do you like this? How do..."

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