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Comment: Re:Microtransactions (Score 1) 618

by Tyr07 (#49738969) Attached to: Editor-in-Chief of the Next Web: Adblockers Are Immoral

I dont think the rest of the 'Internet' should be free. I think sneaky deceptive tactics to gain clicks needs to die. Ads went too far, and if your business cannot succeed without a ton of garbage and absolutely has to have its shit everywhere to survive then it might not be as important to people as you think. Maybe your ad based business needs a better business model or to close down. You can't get mad if people are sick of your shit and aren't willing to pay the price you want.

Like websites acting like they are some how protected from their old shifty business models from failing. You're not filling enough politicians pockets like major car companies to get a bail out. You don't get to change consumers, you get to change your business model.

If people want to block ads because they are exhausted by them then let them. Move on.

If people didn't get so ad garbage greedy this wouldn't be even a topic.

Comment: Re:Microtransactions (Score 1) 618

by Tyr07 (#49714993) Attached to: Editor-in-Chief of the Next Web: Adblockers Are Immoral

P.S It would certainly bring internet services down in price. People are only willing to pay so much for internet. You drop the value on it, providers are going to lose clients too. no one is going to pay 200$ bills for surfing the web at home or websites say 'Insert wallet, remove when empty'

Comment: Re:Microtransactions (Score 1) 618

by Tyr07 (#49714981) Attached to: Editor-in-Chief of the Next Web: Adblockers Are Immoral

That's entirely different, you're physically removing something from the store that has single use, or degrades after use. It does not retain it's integrity and multiple people cannot use the same product (E.G Eat the same carrot after it's been eaten)

Let me equate this for you on an actual equal term.
You purchase a used book from a book store. One that has been read many times, and when you're finished, you can let other people read it too.

You are asked to pay additional fees per page you turn.

Or advertisements about toothbrushes flip out over your entire page and you are required to read it before you can go back to reading your book.

Here's another. You pay for a taxi to the store, then they charge you to read their prices for their products. Then if you want to purchase your product you pay more.

Turning the internet into your little piggy bank of extra cash grab for everything you do is the dumbest idea yet. It sounds /FANTASTIC/ for your pocket, but no one wants it and very few will buy it.

You know why it's not done? Because whomever implements that will have an unused site.
Sites that advertise too much? I don't use them.

Sites that OFFER SOMETHING OF VALUE. I likely already have a subscription to anything I'd be interested in or that provides me service. Like Netflix, or google music.

Here's one last quote at your silly comparison.
I pay for internet and go to Ebay, and /then/ they expect me to pay for the product I want!
Guess what, it exists.

Your they want me to pay twice is much similar to my statement to pay to read their price tags.

Comment: Re:Microtransactions (Score 1) 618

by Tyr07 (#49711517) Attached to: Editor-in-Chief of the Next Web: Adblockers Are Immoral

I like that you want me to pay for Internet so that I can pay for Internet while internetting. No.

Not everyone gets to dig their hands into my pocket. Everyone wants only 5 to 10 dollars more, and act like it's not much. Except 20 other guys want 10 bucks more too. Now it's an extra 100 to 200. So no. I don't need Internet that bad.

Comment: Fuck you ads went too far (Score 1) 618

by Tyr07 (#49711401) Attached to: Editor-in-Chief of the Next Web: Adblockers Are Immoral

The problem is that ads went too far, you got too fucking ballsy, you started faking out download links, spamming ads everywhere you went.

You fucked up son, you got greedy. Now we are taking measures against the ads. Too bad, it's called consequences, sit down and eat your shit pile you made.

No morefunds hidden surprise audio, no more roll over my entire page after reading for a few, no more sudden video ads eating my expensive mobile data, NO MORE ME PAYING FOR THE CABLE, INTERNET, MOBILE DATA FOR /YOU/ TO DISPLAY CONTENT I DON'T WANT.

Once upon a time ads were reasonable, no, get fucked

Comment: Re:TV only? (Score 1) 509

by Tyr07 (#49641633) Attached to: What To Say When the Police Tell You To Stop Filming Them

I believe the ones that commit terrible acts as are supposed to be role models should be punished harsher, but it's not right to subject a good, hard working police officer who puts their life on the line daily with shitty attitudes and treatment.

Yeah, there's works to be done, yeah, everyone is human but just grouping them all up together. What, since it's becoming less socially acceptable to hate all of 'X Race' or 'X sexuality' they need to start on 'X organization'. Seriously, stop fucking generalizating and grouping everyone into a single 'They're all fucking bad' mentality.

A few bad apples need to be delt with, but it doesn't mean the entire tree is a shit tree that drops only shit apples.

Comment: TV only? (Score 1) 509

by Tyr07 (#49640653) Attached to: What To Say When the Police Tell You To Stop Filming Them

I'd like to know how many commenting about how you can't have a camera or whatever negative police interaction they're going to have actually interacted with a police officer and found it negative.

I've never had an experience where an officer went beyond his expected role to follow the laws. While being pulled over, or interacting with them on the street. Not all of them are perfect but I certainly don't have some fear where I need to record every interaction with them.

I'm in Canada mind you, so maybe it's different in the US. RCMP are mostly pretty decent, albeit we all know there are always a few bad apples.

Some of my experiences:

Some normal things I do when being pulled over in a vehicle:
- If it looks like the officer is pulling me over, but I'm not entirely sure, I pull over anyway just in case. This assures I'm either A- out of the way or B - it doesn't look like I'm thinking of not pulling over.

- I turn off any music so I can respectfully hear the officer easily and he can hear me as well.
- If it is at night, I turn on my interior light, so he can safely see into my vehicle and see that there is nothing that is a safety risk to him.
This is seriously important. Drug dealers or otherwise could have guns or other people in vehicles that could assault an officer. This is a human being, they need to feel safe just as we do.

- I remove my sun glasses if I'm wearing any so he can clearly see my face and out of respect.
- If he asks for something, I let him know what I'm doing. E.G If he wants my vehicle registration and it's in my glove box, I tell him "It's in my glovebox, can I grab it?"
This is also important. People will try to look like they are doing normal things expected when reaching for a weapon or it could look like you're doing something different from a different angle. Best to let him/her know so they know what to expect from your actions. This is a safety thing.

- I don't lie to them. I give them accurate information about my driving history etc.
- The above applies at road stops too. Like drunk driving road checks at night. Turn on your interior light, do them a favor.

- I remove my keys from the ignition and put it either on my roof or dashboard
Now - On to my experiences with these conditions

1. I was pulled over for going a little faster than I should on a single lane winding road. I should have gone a bit slower.
  The officer pulled me over, was courtesy, requested my drivers license and registration. He asked if I've received previous speeding tickets.
I told him it was clean, as it was.

He checked. Since I was honest and not being wreckless or rude, he let me off with a warning. He said "You know this road has hidden drive ways and a lot of curves, you should be going slower." He was right. I respected that and adjusted my driving behavior accordingly.

2. Another time on a highway. I was pulled over for going a little quick and changing lanes to get around vehicles. That last part I rarely do as I know that dramatically increases the chance for an accident. Sure enough, a undercover cop pulled me over.

I very quickly, and carefully pulled over somewhere where it would be safe Turned off my engine, took off my sun glasses, and put my keys on my dashboard.
I also had my registration and drivers license ready for him.

He told me why he pulled me over, and asked me, "Do you think you're a good driver?" I responded, "Well, I think I could make some better choices"(Given that he pulled me over this was obvious)

I don't think he was expecting that answer, he said, "Well, these people aren't. If you come up on them quickly, changing lanes, they won't see you and might turn right into you." He was correct, and I knew this was a risk, an unnecessary one. He told me, "I'm going to check your license, if it's clean I'll let you off with a warning". Sure enough he comes back, "Well, it's clean like you said. Next time, someone is having a bad day and gives you a hard time, give them a break"

Two different cops, two different places, both respectful, polite, and not just screwing people because they can.

There was two other incidents that were just as polite and correct, when I first started driving, a stormy night I missed a no left turn sign. I was pulled over and received a ticket, rightfully so. My insurance information didn't have my current address either, he could have given me more tickets, but just asked me to fix it.

The other one was a missing decal for my new driver status in BC when I first started driving. Again, polite, not rude, and rightfully gave me a ticket as per the laws for it.

I may not agree with some of the laws but the police were all fine, I was never afraid, or thought they'd make up charges / do anything untrust worthy.

Really what a lot of this is, is the bad customer story.

If a customer has a good experience, maybe he tells one or two people.
If he has a bad experience, he'll tell 10 to 20 people.

It's the same thing with police. Tons of good interactions go on all the time, no one says anything.
You butthurt someone's ego? It's goes all over social media and they tell everyone.

Comment: It's about money (Score 3, Insightful) 553

by Tyr07 (#49614115) Attached to: Recruiters Use 'Digital Native' As Code For 'No Old Folks'

The reason they want only younger applicants is to save time on people who know what their job is worth.

If they can sucker a younger inexperienced person in, they can tack on a shit ton of shitty and bull job responsibilities for crap pay.
An older person knows what it's worth, will tell them no or demand more pay for the amount of work they want.

Simply put they're just trying to save time, they don't want to interview those folks.
They should be forced to change their job postings to say :"Looking for young technologically capable but generally dumb otherwise to accept job with ridiciously low pay, crappy hours and way to much work"

Comment: Re:What, smug engineering jobs? (Score 1) 634

by Tyr07 (#49574865) Attached to: How To Increase the Number of Female Engineers

There are women who can actually pee standing or in urinals. They just have to touch their junk like we do to make it happen.

I'm not going to get into a debate which is more convenient, but it has been shown to be done without requiring women to squat over something. Certainly being able to sit down and do your business is a lot nicer.

So on that one, are you telling me these women are genetically different? Or did they just prove those girls are the types to just get shit done in whatever situation like men often have to?

I will definitely say that I have nothing against making work places better for everyone, but it does piss me off when women are getting into roles that men typically did in the past and all of a sudden it's "What the fuck is this"

Where the fuck were you before? Narrow-minded self interest groups are a cancer. I'll support any true equality egalitarian groups, as I feel they look at the best interest of everybody, but not people who just want to focus on their particular gender only as a directly benefits them, on either gender.

Comment: Re:Clueless assumptions (Score 1) 99

by Tyr07 (#49570933) Attached to: Kerbal Space Program 1.0 Released After 4 Years of Development

What I said may not fully apply to you, simply as you aren't the gold star generation, but I'm seeing this come up frequently from that gen for not just KSP.

You might be part of the older crowd but I wonder if you were part of the dial up age when online gaming first brokered, or played games before that. Games were actually hard back then.

Part of the problem now is regardless of generation, internet is common place, you don't have to know anything that requires thinking to get games installed and configured anymore. This is allowing a different breed of people into a world that used to be reserved for the more intellectual on the problem solving side, it was full of challenges and people accepted them.

If some drag effects and heat re-entry make the game a pile of shit you wouldn't recommend to friends, that says something.

If you said you'd rather the game wasn't that hard for yourself, that you may mod it to be easier for you, or would have liked an option for the new flight system or old, I could respect that.

But dismissing the game as immediately too hard not fun any more, you're not leaving a lot of space to accept your issue beyond someone who won't play anything harder than angry birds.

There's a large group of people who behave that way and really stifle some cool innovations from indy developers. Usually I find it's often the children, teenagers that mostly make up this crowd.

Comment: Re:Well let's see... (Score 3, Funny) 301

I would need one for the mouse, because track pads are no good for gaming.

I would need one for the keyboard, because laptop keyboards are too cramped.

I would need one for a webcam, because the webcams that come with laptops are too low quality for my standards.

I would need one for an external DVD/Blu-ray combo burner since laptop optical drives are cheap.

I would need one for an external hard drive since laptop hard drives are too small.

I would need a jack for speakers, since laptop speakers are terrible.

I would also need HDMI, because laptop monitors are way too small.

I have what you need.

It comes in a large case because laptop cases are too small.

Comment: What, smug engineering jobs? (Score 3, Insightful) 634

by Tyr07 (#49569317) Attached to: How To Increase the Number of Female Engineers

Societal good? Like drinking wells? Well first that isn't very difficult.

Look, we all want to do special cool little projects and make money. None of us want to do boring menial tasks that aren't fulfilling, don't allow us to be smug and feel like we're better than everyone else because we're charging the world.

Men have been the provider for a long time, so they got used to "Tough shit, you need to make money, do it anyway"
I'm glad we have equality or well, trying to reach that because women are just as capable as men.

However some of them are getting a rude awakening I guess. Then they blame society for not having jobs that they want or some shit and it's mens fault. No, welcome to the real world, not all this shit is fun and fantastic like what you were raised to believe.

I saw a TV show doing undercover boss for waste management. There were no time for breaks to go to the washroom, so you brought a pale for you.

It was a big issue for a women to have to piss in a bucket or whatever they had to do.
No one gave a shit at all that men had to do the same thing. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think /anyone/ should have to on a job like that.

However apparently when women get the same shitty stick men do, it's a sexist thing or improper. Welcome to the world, you wanted an equal part of it. You don't get just lick the icing off and not eat the rest of the cake.

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