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Comment Re:Just GBE everywhere! (Score 1) 557

No, not Cat6. Gigabit Ethernet only needs Cat5e

802.3ab specifies operation at 1000Mbps up to 100 meters over UTP with CAT5 as the minimum, not CAT5e. For a particular installation you may have other needs, but the standard doesn't require anything above CAT5.

You shouldn't be putting in either for a new installation though.

Comment Re:Where is my high speed LAN? (Score 4, Informative) 179

Are you running a corporate lan off the (10g) segment?
if not why the F*ck do u need 10g @ home??

At home, my desktop PC, my Mac Mini, my MBPr, and my NAS all have storage devices that are 3x-10x the speed of 1GbE.
I regularly push around dozens to hundreds of GB at a time.
This isn't anything fancy, just standard consumer equipment I'm running. 1GbE is the limiting factor in any transfer.

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