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Comment Re:Social media, game center? (Score 1) 113

I always do custom/advanced option when using installers, provided when they actually have that option. I can definitely say that there was no such optional component labelled "Raptr" -or- "AMD Gaming Evolved App" at the time I last used their installer. They probably finally made it optional after so many complaints. It says a lot when you enter "raptr" very first search suggestion is "raptr uninstall".

Comment Re:Social media, game center? (Score 0) 113

Yes, nVidia's installer file is getting bigger and bigger each year, however at least most of it is optional (graphics drivers and control panel for it aren't), unlike AMD's installers where it wasn't possible to opt out of Raptr garbage. GeForce Experience, PhysX, 3D stereo features, and such are completely optional even in their latest driver for my GTX 970.

When I last had to install AMD drivers for Windows for a family member late last year, cause their laptop had a ATI embedded card in it, it feels like AMD has sold by not providing an option at all to not install Raptr which caused a lot of problems until I finally figured out what the hell it was causing the non-closable dialog prompt/splash screen, something about 'gaming membership', every Windows startup without killing it via task manager.

Comment Re:Windows 10? (Score 2) 317

These directions have nothing to do with controlling updating of device drivers through Windows Update. It clearly says "Device installation" as in it only controls as to what to do when a new device is detected and software needs to be installed in order for new devices to function.

As of right now there is no known way for regular Windows users, even on Professional edition, to pick and choose which new software/driver updates to install or ignore. This greatly concerns me as Microsoft is known to distribute graphics drivers lacking the proper OpenGL support compared to acquiring the drivers from the vendor themselves.

Comment Re:Adobe (Score 1) 307

You know from all the problems with Adobe Reader freezing up, crashing, and having font/text aliasing problems depending on size setting of the page nothing frustrates me more than opening those rare PDFs from Intel and a few others where it completely disregards the user preferences and resizes the window to fit the PDF document size and repositions the Reader window to the center of the screen. And of course requires me to resize and reposition the fucking thing so I can actually read the PDF document on my 1080p monitor every damn time I open those PDF files. Naturally there doesn't exist a configuration option to prevent that crap from occurring.

For those PDFs I have to open them through SumatraPDF, but I don't know about those troublesome PDFs until I accidentally open them through Adobe Reader. The only downside to SumatraPDF is that it lacks a proper advanced Find/Search window like Reader's so that it can list all results at once instead of me having to keep pressing next to find the section of the document I'm looking for.

Comment Re:That's a garbage lawsuit (Score 4, Insightful) 286

Killzone's multiplayer mode actually outputs natively in 960x1080 resolution, half of the 1920x1080 standard for "1080p." To output full 1080p graphics, this source image is fixed with a "temporal upscale" that fills in gaps with a horizontal interlace made up of pixels from the previous frame. The result is graphical performance that the lawsuit (and many reviews) call "blurry to the point of distraction."

Last time I checked that's called interlaced video, not progressive. Just because source video is 1080i, but goes out the HDMI video transmitter chip as 1080p it does not make it OK to call it 1080p since the source video is not progressive.

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