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Comment Re:23% of the company (Score 4, Interesting) 471

Which Beetles are you referring to? The older first gen beetles, with the air cooled flat four chirped because the stock exhaust pipes had perforated baffles that whistled as the exhaust gas flowed through. Replace those tailpipes with, say straight pipe, and the chirp went away. My dad's '61 didn't chirp after he put on some flared stainless pipes. Valves faces and seats aren't lubricated by oil. The valve guides and stems are, but the faces are not. Unless the piston rings are bad. You may be referring to the cylinder behind the oil cooler, which I believe is number 3. It would starve for cooling air and the exhaust valve would eventually fail, popping the valve head off the stem and frag the cylinder. My '70 did that. Good times.

Comment Re: Irresponsible (Score 1) 354

Right, and there would be no more murders. Ever. Do you really think banning guns will stop people from killing each other? Come on, pull you head out of your ass and think about how long humans have been killing each other compared to how long firearms have existed. Have you seen the scores of beheading videos all over the internet? Shall we ban machetes and knives too? I mean, it will keep more people alive. Oh wait, there's rocks too. Stoning is big in the bible, and continues to this day in various third world regions. Perhaps we should ban the possession of rocks to, you know, keep more people alive.

Comment Re:How the west wasn't won (Score 5, Informative) 216

Of the multitude of reasons SpaceX can operate more cheaply I can think of, the biggies are: -NASA is a Government agency, beholden to the congress and the congress loves its pork, so only certain big-name contractors get NASA contracts. -SpaceX is not a federal agency and doesn't have to play by the same onerous, costly sets of rules as a federal agency (i.e purchasing requirements, safety requirements, etc.) -SpaceX has negotiated some sweet deals to use existing government facilities already paid for by NASA (taxpayers). -SpaceX has received a lot of seed money from NASA. There's more, but you get the idea. I'm not here to take away from what SpaceX are trying to accomplish, but they certainly have an advantage over a bloated government bureaucracy.

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