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Comment: Re:Add-ins (Score 1) 662

by TwistedSymmetry (#27261293) Attached to: Look Out, Firefox 3 — IE8 Is Back On Top For Now

I, on the other hand, find that firefox is very stable, even with a number of extensions installed. It is certainly a memory hog, but Opera is actually worse. What is more, Opera is crashy. Now this is the linux version of Opera, so it may be different than the windows version.

In a different post here, someone claimed that Chrome had rarely ever crashed for them and they had installed it very soon after it was released. Again, not at all my experience with Chrome.

Conclusion: Anecdotal evidence is often quite meaningless. Unfortunately slashdot's comments are full of it. Actually, this shouldn't be as bad as it is, but I often find that the comments that get modded up are very unrepresentative.

Comment: Re:Donate to At Home Projects (Score 1) 302

by TwistedSymmetry (#26896719) Attached to: How Do I Put Unused Servers To Work?

Actually, out of curiosity, what does a linux/unix system do if you "rm -rf /" as root? (While it is running, that is). I suppose processes would keep running until they tried to use files or paths that had been deleted and then they would crash or something.

I tried doing the equivalent on a Windows XP installation I was nuking (I forget the exact DOS command, something like "deltree /y c:\"), which was kind of entertaining. The Windows file protection failed to prevent the OS from being irreparably damaged. A lot of core windows stuff still seemed to be there but it was unable to boot afterward.

Comment: Re:Not news (Score 1) 197

by TwistedSymmetry (#26646477) Attached to: Carbonite Stacks the Deck With 5-Star Reviews

In fact on Newegg (and probably many other sites) the percentage of very negative reviews is disproportionately high. People are more likely to post a bad review and complain about a hard drive that dies than they are about a hard drive that does its job without any problem. I should know. I rarely review things. The only review of a technology product that I've written was for a SanDisk flash drive that died immediately after I bought it.

If you don't recognize the fact that negative experiences are overrepresented, you'll get the impression that most products are crap.

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