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Comment: Re:Why Mac, though ? (Score 1) 193

by TwilightSentry (#23701035) Attached to: Google Gets Serious About Open Source Mac Projects

There are several efforts to make GNUstep look nicer (the current one is called Chameleon), but they're all hacked together. The devs are hoping to have the core GUI library cleanly support themeing within the next few months.

You might also want to check out Etoile (or their incomplete new site), a rather nice desktop environment being built around GNUstep.


$90 Asus Sound Card Whips Creative's Best 387

Posted by kdawson
from the listen-up dept.
EconolineCrush writes "Sound card giant Creative caught plenty of flak for its recent driver debacle, and has long been criticized for bullying competitors and stifling innovation. But few have been willing to compete with Creative head-on, allowing the company to milk its X-Fi audio processor for more than two and a half years. Now the SoundBlaster has a new challenger in the form of Asus' $90 Xonar DX, which delivers much better sound quality than the X-Fi, PCI Express connectivity, and support for real-time Dolby Digital Live encoding. The Xonar can even emulate the latest EAX positional audio effects, providing the most complete competition to the X-Fi available on the market."

+ - Making the Case for Firefox 1

Submitted by
TwilightSentry writes "I'm a student in a small private high-school (~500 students) with a network of mostly Windows computers (We've got some Macs and a Linux server). Our IT administrator favors IE over Firefox, primarily because it can be controlled through Active Directory. I've shown him Firefox ADM, which allows such control of Firefox, and espoused the benefits of AdBlock Plus and Firefox's greater security (Along with the thousand-eyes, fewer bugs idea). His response has been that ads are blocked by our web-filter, and as Firefox and IE7 now pretty much have UI parity, there wouldn't be enough improvement for users to justify taking the time to implement the change.

So, I ask the Slashdot crowd: How would you justify such a switch to your IT admin., if at all?"
Input Devices

+ - Six degree of freedom head tracking

Submitted by pATCheS
pATCheS (666) writes "Imagine what it would be like to be able to use your head to look around in today's PC games. Sound cool? The kids over at Natural Point thought so too, and they set forth to produce TrackIR. While this technology has been around for some years now (and has seen Slashdot fame before), it has the potential to significantly increase immersion in interactive 3D games and applications at a moderate cost. This YouTube video shows off the latest TrackIR's capabilities."

+ - Canadian Music Industry Says Its Never Sued Anyone

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Lies from the recording industry probably doesn't count as news, but this whopper from the Canadian Recording Industry Association is striking for how deluded the industry has become. More than two years after it filed suit against 29 alleged file sharers, CRIA President Graham Henderson told an industry conference that "we've never sued anyone.""

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