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Comment Re:It was the first standard for video? (Score 1) 406

Put in a second hard drive - most take them. Make sure they can stay cool, and they'll do the job.

How does this speed up big software builds (the point the parent was making) - especially if you already have an SSD?

A computer is a computer and todays laptops beat the crap out of the machines we were using a decade ago - and this will always be true.

So true. But today's desktops beat the crap out of today's laptops.

Whatever is top-of-the-line today will be thought of as crap down the road. And yet it does the job. "Good enough" computing is here to stay.

For many use cases. But you keep ignoring the use cases others have pointed out which will always benefit from having state of the art hardware.

Comment Re:Any VGA? (Score 1) 158

Even those that travel for work would probably be better off buying a separate portable screen and keyboard to set up in the hotel room.

Probably better off in meetings too. Though imagine the embarrassment when you've spent 3 or 4 minutes hooking it all* together and you realise you've forgotten the mouse.

* NUC machine, power brick, screen, hdmi cable, screen power brick, keyboard

Comment Re: What could go wrong (Score 1) 405

We could put it on all downhills in a certain grade range. Steal power from the brakes.

More and more cars are reusing braking energy by storing it in batteries. So you're still stealing energy that could be better used by the car itself.

Also local roads with traffic that burn gas inefficiently should be ok too. They don't run the engine efficiently so stealing some excess power should be ok.

Isn't that even worse? If the car is running inefficiently, it has to generate more gross energy in order to impart the same net energy in the piezo-roadway - more waste.

Comment Re:Seems like freedom of speech to me (Score 2) 195

It's spam when a commercial entity gives you a quick means of shilling their product without stopping to think "do my friends really give a shit?" It's doubly spam if your friends email is ever provided to Amazon in this process without their consent.

I would argue that it's spam only in the case where Amazon send direct messages to people without their consent. If they make it easier for you to do it, but their own servers don't actually get involved, I can't see the problem - then it's the purchaser who's sending the message, regardless who composed it.

I guess with the email option, it must be Amazon's servers that send the message - in which case I fully agree that constitutes spam.

Comment Re:Sad Commentary (Score 1) 315

My first instinct was to praise the department for the "measured" response of not hauling the kid into the station in handcuffs, interrogating him for hours without his parents, and then (when they realize the deep trouble they're in) leaking a story that the kid/family is secretly evil in some way.

Indeed, many seem to be taking the over-the-top route these days - or at least they're being reported more often as doing so.

Maybe/hopefully, there are still a large majority of unreported well-handled cases.

Comment Re:converter (Score 1) 412

This is what worries me:

In an ideal (sensible) world, doing this would make the iPhone fail, due to lacking a very important and standard feature in order to achieve something that has no real effect on the user (unnecessary thinness).

But in the real world, the iPhone 7 will sell with or without at 3.5mm jack, and worse than that - others will then do the same, reducing (or at least heavily segmenting) consumer options.

It already happened with micro SD slots.

Comment Re:And this is news? (Score 1) 262

Thanks, you've covered this far more eloquently than I did - I just get frustrated with the "And this is news?" style comments that consistently come up on any research articles on Slashdot, no matter what the subject.

And I agree - some, or much, of this kind of research may be useless. But there can often be more subtle and useful conclusions to be drawn than the headline and summary suggest. I'm just more interested in seeing comments which create a good discussion modded up than knee-jerk "everybody knew that already" quips.

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