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Comment Re:converter (Score 1) 377

This is what worries me:

In an ideal (sensible) world, doing this would make the iPhone fail, due to lacking a very important and standard feature in order to achieve something that has no real effect on the user (unnecessary thinness).

But in the real world, the iPhone 7 will sell with or without at 3.5mm jack, and worse than that - others will then do the same, reducing (or at least heavily segmenting) consumer options.

It already happened with micro SD slots.

Comment Re:And this is news? (Score 1) 262

Thanks, you've covered this far more eloquently than I did - I just get frustrated with the "And this is news?" style comments that consistently come up on any research articles on Slashdot, no matter what the subject.

And I agree - some, or much, of this kind of research may be useless. But there can often be more subtle and useful conclusions to be drawn than the headline and summary suggest. I'm just more interested in seeing comments which create a good discussion modded up than knee-jerk "everybody knew that already" quips.

Comment Re:Is there any evidence that web ads work? (Score 1) 394

So you think billions of dollars are being blindly spent annually on advertising by companies who haven't noticed that it's not actually making them a profit?

With analytics they can tell exactly how many sales they made through which clicks to which ads. I don't know what kind of evidence you're looking for, but I can't imagine it getting much better than that.

Comment Re:A plea to fuck off. (Score 2) 365

As always, it's a trade-off between security and convenience.

You could keep your passwords engraved on dog-tags and locked in various fire-proof safes in different basements, but that really ruins the convenience part of the trade-off.

Or you could just use the same password for all sites (if possible), but that really ruins the security part of the trade-off.

How about: you use a password manager to store your non-critical passwords and store your critical passwords somewhere else - especially the password to your email account from which you can reset all the others if they're stolen. Perhaps a more reasonable trade-off.

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