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Comment Re:LOL. (Score 1) 110 110

Are they going to drop into every customers home a router capable of 10Gbps of throughput? LOL. That would be expensive.

Not only the 10GbE switches are expensive ($100-200 per port) but the network cards are too. Making them work in a regular PC is a nightmare, most motherboards bus-fault and bluescreen / kernel panic in minutes.

Comment Re:Not so sure (Score 1) 27 27

They can use a great encryption algorithm, but if they continue to not authenticate the basestation, as per 2G specs, then it doesn't really help. It wasn't until LTE that this finally started happening.

This problem can be solved at the Mobile Station or SIM by refusing to register or call over a network that does not support at least UMTS authentication of the network and replay protection or that does not activate encryption. This would break connections to 2G networks whose MSC was not updated to support UMTS authentication but it could be implemented as an user option.

Comment Voice and data are separated (Score 1) 126 126

VoLTE IMS voice uses a dedicated low latency guaranteed bearer for the RTP packets. Traffic on this bearer is charged separately and is not routable to regular Internet.
The SIP signaling also uses a dedicated AP that cannot be used for anything else. Traffic is only allowed towards P-CSCF.
All the IMS client, Quality of Service and dedicated bearers are implemented in the baseband chip (Qualcom dominates that market) and is off-limits to the operating system of the phone, even to root.

Comment Re:Glitterboyz on the way (Score 1) 630 630

is there a recoil on rail guns? or is this a joke?

The recoil is lower than a conventiomal chemical gun for the same projectile and speed because no gas is accelerated with the projectile.

However, rail guns tend to be immensely heavy beasts to withstand recoil and transversal electromagnetic forces.

Comment Re:Groovy ... (Score 4, Interesting) 236 236

Isn't "death" the only way off this planet too?

Besides, colonisation of planets requires people reproducing there, as a result their descendanta being unable to live on Earrh. Sending people by rocket is too expensive to be used for population export.

Comment You'd wish to have such a box up a tree... (Score 3) 20 20

In plenty of remote or rural areas of the United States there's little to none mobile coverage. As large carriers are reaping profits from high speed networks in populated areas they don't care a lot about a few potential subscribers at a farm.

Comment Re:Toy project (Score 4, Informative) 179 179

Actually the whole idea of ReactOS was to provide a binary compatible kernel so Windows drivers could be loaded unmodified.

At the time ReactOS was started the lack of drivers was seriously hurting Linux. Meanwhile the situation has changed and drivers for Linux are no longer something unheard of.

Also note that ReactOS and Wine share a lot of the higher level library code - in fact all libraries that are pure Win32 with no calls to native libraries.

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