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Comment Re:So did they shut off the water to the buildings (Score 4, Insightful) 159

Detroit gets real winters. Abandoned buildings aren't heated. Freezing water expands and breaks pipes. Now the building has structural damage in addition to wasting clean water. This is a win for everyone, including the squatters who won't be living with mold or falling through water-damaged floors. It's easy to bring in water in jugs and any drains will still work. You can even make the toilets work. Annoying, sure, but hardly uninhabitable.

Comment Heh, slow news day. Here's your answer... (Score 2) 295

I'm not going to recommend anyone specific because most are not bad. I budget $1/month for my domain. I let my web site host do it. There's two big things to consider. Can you easily transfer to another registrar if needed? Can someone too easily hijack your domain? Exploring these questions will send you down the right path.

Comment Re:how calculus? (Score 5, Informative) 107

Can you or anyone explain how what the neurons are doing is "calculus"?

Calculus is how we scientifically communicate nature to each other, not away for nature to implement mathematics. Flies are not doing calculus any more than you catching a thrown ball is doing calculus. This headline, and perhaps the grant proposal, is written for stupid people. I hope this explains it for you.

Comment WiFi is free in Portland, OR (Score 1) 170

I have yet to go to a coffee shop or pub without free and unlimited WiFi access (keep in mind I never go to starbucks). Either they drop the $50 or so to get an access point or ask the Personal Telco Project ( to hook them up at no cost. And then there's the MetroFi free network ( if you're really desperate. I'm sure there's ways you could spend money for WiFi access but I can't imagine why anyone would.

Submission + - T-mobile is blocking Twitter (

TurboStar writes: Because they can, and you can do nothing about it, T-mobile is blocking Twitter. So far, the only information from T-mobile has been a confirmation that Twitter is blocked and that you can pay them $200 to cancel your contract.

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