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+ - OH NOES!

Submitted by Tuffsnake
Tuffsnake (767507) writes "I'm beginning to think that Google and Apple are more evil that M$, am I going to die?"

Comment: Re:Trust is a slippery thing to pin down (Score 1, Interesting) 194

by Tuffsnake (#32154170) Attached to: I trust Web apps like Google Docs ...
Exactly the same way I feel about the subject. I think the idea is great in theory but I really just cannot get past my own distrust of the providers' security as, quite frankly, I've seen far too many incompetent people handling things like secure data, virtualization, etc.

Comment: Re:De ja vu (Score 0) 53

by Tuffsnake (#31788426) Attached to: <em>F.E.A.R. 3</em> Announced For This Fall

I agree entirely, the ending was awful. I was all ready for a final fight with Alma or with the guy she was controlling and instead got a cut scene with Alma *erm* taking avantage of me. Which, if you're keeping score, means that in the first one you were her son pulled from her prematurely going after your brother and in the second you were kinda competeing with the other dude to be her new baby daddy. I wonder if in the third you'll play the child created from 2 who goes back in time and become his own grandfather.

I hope in 3 they go back to the style of having everything in close quarters where it's scary/creepy and not open areas like in COD/Halo/GoW/etc

"Most of us, when all is said and done, like what we like and make up reasons for it afterwards." -- Soren F. Petersen