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Roku Finally Gets a 2D Menu System 80

Posted by samzenpus
from the new-look dept.
DeviceGuru writes "Many of us have griped for years about Roku's retro one-dimensional user interface. Finally, in conjunction with the release of the new Roku 3 model, the Linux-based media streaming player is getting a two-dimensional facelift, making it quicker and easier to access favorite channels and find new ones. Current Roku users, who will now begin suffering from UI-envy, will be glad to learn that Roku plans to push out a firmware update next month to many earlier models, including the Roku LT, Roku HD (model 2500R), Roku 2 HD, Roku 2 XD, Roku 2 XS, and Roku Streaming Stick. A short demo of the new 2D Roku menu system is available in this YouTube video."

Comment: Long Term (Score 1) 735

by Tteddo (#37639922) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Does Being 'Loyal' Pay As a Developer?
Speaking as someone who was fired from every job I ever held (self employed now- 14 years), you need to think long term. You have developed relationships with your current employer and the people who work there and you never know where those people will turn up in the future. I have customers that I used to work for that I never thought I would see again in a million years because of how I left. But you do have to put yourself first. Removing 90 minutes of commute time a day and more money is a great step up. Just treat the current employer with respect, maybe really try to help with the transition.

Comment: Re:Mortgage Backed Securites (Score 1) 1040

by Tteddo (#37022538) Attached to: S&P's $2 Trillion Math Mistake
Mortgage backed securities were fine when the borrowers were vetted like they used to be. That's when they were rated AAA because everyone paid their mortgage for the most part. The problem was when that stopped and people on minimum wage were being given $350,000 loans as a common practice. This American Life/Planet Money have some great episodes about this.

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