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Comment Worst launch ever (Score 1) 304

This was really the worst product launch ever. I was refreshing their page from 5 minutes prior and hit their distributor's pages in seconds after the announcement. Nothing... I couldn't get past the first page before the site went down. I have to say it was VERY disappointing. I'd have been happy with not getting one because I didn't click fast enough, but not getting one because of a random server outage? yea, I'm not very happy right now -- especially after following the product for such a long time.

Comment Go, meet people. (Score 1) 244

Dude, go. Meet people. Have a good time.

You have nothing to lose by attending, nothing at all. If you find it to be a waste of time after you go, don't go again if you don't want to. Life is about your experiences - if you're at home doing whatever it is you do normally, that's 1 less thing for you.

Portables (Apple)

Submission + - First iPod virus discovered

InfoWorldMike writes: "Security researchers have found what they believe to be the first proof-of-concept attack designed specifically to infect Apple's popular iPod portable multimedia devices. In a blog post on its Web site, Russian anti-virus specialists Kaspersky Lab published details of the threat, dubbed Podloso, which it claims can be launched and run on an iPod. However, in order for the attack to take root, an iPod must have Linux installed, which is probably still fairly rare as it demands that users add the software themselves. Still, in the enterprise, one could imagine that news of the test threat could lead more IT departments to ban the use of iPods on their networks. Some companies have already forbidden use of the handheld devices because they pose a risk for unauthorized data storage."

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