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Comment: Re:Wishing won't make it so. (Score 1) 470

by TroyM (#34814376) Attached to: Is Mark Zuckerberg the Next Steve Case?

For a long time people kept expecting AOL users to migrate to the real internet and they didn't. What killed AOL was broadband. Most AOL users saw no reason to switch from AOL to another dial up internet provider. But when the local cable company offered them easy setup and webpages that loaded in a fraction of the time that dial up took, that was reason to switch.

I agree there's no successor to FB yet. But I wouldn't invest in FB now, because eventually one will come along.

Comment: Re:The start of the revolution... (Score 2, Interesting) 253

by TroyM (#32389028) Attached to: Japan Plans Moon Base Built By Robots For Robots

I keep hearing the He3 meme on Slashdot, but it sounds like just a far fetched attempt to make going to the moon financially worth while. I've read a lot about fusion attempts like ITER and the National Ignition Facility, but have yet to hear of anyone doing fusion using He3. A quick search of the web found this, which says that He3 fusion will be much harder to achieve than fusion using Tritium or Deuterium. I think the main "advantage" of He3 fusion is that it would force us to go back to the moon

Comment: Re:Great (Score 1) 332

by TroyM (#31258314) Attached to: Criminals Hide Payment-Card Skimmers In Gas Pumps

Actually I occasionally bike to work. But last year, I bought some bike accessories through an online bike company A few month later, my credit card company notifies me that my card number may have been stolen - they cancel the card and issue me a new one. Then the bike company sends me a letter explaining that their credit card database was hacked and my card info may have been stolen, and they'd notified my credit card company.

So I check my credit card purchases and find a couple hundred dollars in fraudulent purchases, call my credit card company and they canceled those charges. A bit of hassle in that I had to start using a new credit card company, and had to change some automated payments. But I wasn't out any money.

My wife had her credit card number stolen a few years ago and it was a similar result - the hassle of changing credit card numbers, but she didn't lose any money.

Comment: Because they didn't use the iPhone (Score 2, Interesting) 156

by TroyM (#30540684) Attached to: AT&T Wins Gizmodo 3G Bandwidth Test

A big part of AT&T's problem is really that the iPhone's radio sucks. When tests are done using a different device, AT&T scores pretty good. I switched from AT&T (not the iPhone) to Verizon, and I don't see any improvement in call quality.

Comment: Re:Bah! (Score 1) 720

by TroyM (#30053098) Attached to: Whistleblower Claims IEA Is Downplaying Peak Oil

No one has yet figured out how to extract "shale oil" - which isn't oil at all - without requiring more energy as input than the energy output you get in the crude oil.

Canadian tar sands are a bit easier to extract than shale oil. But for every unit of energy input, they only get about 1.5 units out in the form of crude oil. Fortunately they have lots of natural gas in that area, so that's what they use for energy input.

But they could simply use the natural gas to generate electricity, then use the electricity for electric cars and get a similar energy gain due to the fact that natural gas power plant and electric car have a combined efficiency better than the combined efficiency of an oil refinery and gasoline powered car.

Comment: Colin Powell backed company gets government grant (Score 1) 293

by TroyM (#29548621) Attached to: $529M Gov't Loan To Develop $89,000 Hybrid Sports Car

"Republicans deny that this was a political choice" the WSJ reported

That's a story from an alternate universe, where publications like the WSJ really are fair and balanced. I checked out KPCB's webpage and found that both Al Gore and Colin Powell are directors. So why did the WSJ play up Gore's involvement, but not Powell's?